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Although evolutionary biologists have constructed a theoretical scheme of the relation between humans and animals based on DNA and other three dimensional factors, I reject the entire enterprise because the universe is four dimensional.

Human beings have symbolic powers that have not been observed in the “smartest” primates such as chimpanzees. Mircea Eliade describes in his history of religions the symbolic sophistication of even the earliest known civilizations for which we have concrete record. I communicated with Michael Cremo once who indicated that my view, that anatomically modern humans have existed for two billion years is not out of the question, and indeed a polished stone had been found in North America which was around a billion years old. I have reason enough not to believe that human beings did not “evolve” from primates.

A different way to approach the same problem of the distinction of human from animal is self-awareness. Human beings are self-aware and animals, even intelligent animals, are not. They are often more intelligent than humans in many ways, but they are not self-aware. We are more or less animal, in my view, on our level of self-awareness. That is the true spectrum, which is a step removed from the “evolutionary” ideas for humans are simply not related by ancestry to primates.


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In a previous note I wrote against the notion of race.  Although multiple races do not really exist, racism does.  Most generally racism is the belief in multiple races.  Most humans are racist in this sense, and hence the concept is not very strong.  In order to find stronger lines to distinguish between unacceptably objectionable racism and fair analytical generalizations without which we cannot function, let me take a stab at some dividing lines.

We generalize all the time, and we need to often.  Some generalizations are true, and therefore unobjectionable, and others false and perhaps objectionable racism.  A blatant example of racist thought is the commonly accepted notion in the west during the second world war that Japanese cannot master aircraft because of their slant eyes.  Today the notion seems absurd but it was just consensus view of popular opinion of the time.  In this case it is a false -a ridiculously false–view of an entire peoples based on no rational thought whatsoever.

The political events in the Middle East today put two groups in the forefront of the American and western public imagination, the Jews, because the Israel lobby is loud in claiming to represent Jews, which is simply ridiculous because there is a huge division within the Jewish community on questions of Zionism, and Muslims, because most westerners falsely believe that they had something to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001 and have revived various racist views dormant in the world of Christianity since the Crusades.  There are no two Jews alike as there are no two Muslims alike, and it is obviously ridiculous to assume shared characteristics between two people who happen simply to share the same set of false beliefs.  In order to clarify this point, suppose Tom and Bill both believe that 2+2=5 while Brenda and Bob believe 2+2=7; we cannot conclude from these agreements that therefore Tom and Bill both like to wear red shirts while Brenda and Bob like to wear blue shirts.  This example is too simple but the point I am trying to make is that the leaps of logic taken to make conclusions about Jews or Muslims sometimes reach this level of absurdity.

Let us take a few examples that can be checked for any generalization.  Let us pick from the Jews Joe Lieberman and Franz Kafka.  Let us ask that for any generalization about Jews, both Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Kafka show the required characteristic.  I can tell you, from many years of study both of Kafka’s short stories and his biography that the man had absolutely no interest in material wealth, even though he had worked in a financial institution for part of his life.  I mention this specifically because often racist prejudice against Jews rely on assumptions about material interests.

The second pair of examples I pick is the King of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim mystic/poet Rumi.  Contrary to various assumptions about Muslim interest in war, violence, and mayhem, neither is particularly violent and the latter is one of the most popular poets in America who was much more interested in spiritual love than in physical warfare or political empire.

Thus making assumptions about individual characteristic based on religious affiliation is probably false and likely to be racist.  A different matter is the issue of making political comments about explicitly identified political groups.  This is where the issue of antisemitism comes in.  It is racist to comment about Jews, but given that Israel is an explicitly Jewish state, the Israel lobby had taken the Stalinist propaganda of the Holocaust to enforce a political regime which used any negative comment about Israel as a racist comment against the entire Jewish race and use this to demonize and smear with negative opinions of Israel leading to loss of jobs and other negative consequences.  This is precisely what happened to Helen Thomas.  Her return to writing in a newspaper in the Washington DC area gives direct evidence that this regime of Israel lobby monopoly of comments about Israel has ended.

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On 7 January 2011 two pieces of news came out of the Middle East that were both alarming.  First, Gaza militants had broken through Israeli barriers and killed several Israeli soldiers.  Second, Israeli soldiers killed a 65-year old man sleeping on his bed in Hebron, West Bank.  The first is interesting because now it is clear that Israeli defences are not immune to militants from Gaza, which is not positive for Israeli security against guerilla warfare which is the real threat from militant groups that probably cannot be controlled by Hamas.  Furthermore, Chile joined the big South American governments to recognize the independent state of Palestine, which implies among other things that the inability of Israel to even protect a military blockade against Gaza, where Hamas will probably not go along with whatever agreement is reached between Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government, puts added pressure on Israel.


The second is interesting because although there are reports that the Israeli soldiers had some ‘mistaken identity’, I don’t believe that for a second and believe that they are simply cold-blooded killers.  What is interesting to speculate about is whether the Israeli military conditions them somehow to be in a state of remorseless killing.

Drugging for effectiveness in murder is not new.   The first known usage of the term hashishi has been traced back to 1122 CE when the Fatimid caliph al-Āmir employed it in derogatory reference to the Syrian Nizaris. Assassin and the drug hashish both have this arabic root. The drug was used by soldiers before battle.  An account of its use can be found here.  Hashish itself is a cannabis preparation.  Interesting is an account by the poet Charles Baudelaire of the effects of opium and hashish.

It is not a particular stretch from this medieval use of drugs to ease assassination to use of pharmaceutical conditioning in modern militaries.  I have had heard many rumored accounts and watched interviews of those who claim to have been involved in secret programs by American intelligence agencies for mind control by various techniques.  I wonder if the Israeli military uses drugs that damage human judgment of its soldiers altogether.

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I remember past lives.  Not only do I remember past lives but I remember past lives that are a couple of billion years old even and earlier.  For me, reincarnation is as real as the table on which this laptop sits.  I do not even know how to think of my “I” without reference to some of my remembered past lives.

For most people, however, it iss not usual to remember past lives.  However, the ;ate Ian Stevenson at University of Virginia had compiled accounts of past lives from over two thousand young children, especially with accounts of things that would be too difficult for young children to fabricate.  He wrote a number of books about his work that extended from the 1960s.  These for me are compelling objective accounts even though he himself does not claim the status of objectivity for these.  Consider the hypothesis “There is a linear life extending from physical birth to physical death for all human beings.”  This is a hypothesis that must be rejected even with a single counterexample, and I have one — my own experiences and memories.  But his work provides much more.  Once this is understood, then the claims of monotheistic religions must be rejected as false.  Their mythologies of linear life must be regarded as false as well.

Thus whether there is actual truth to reincarnation, my position can be nothing other than it is self-evident for me and there exists sufficient objective evidence to dismiss the alternative, religious accounts.

Another interesting issue is the popular belief that reincarnation is a “belief” that originates in the eastern cultures.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is true that eastern spiritual traditions do not have a problem with reincarnation  But Empedocles, around 450 BC had given accounts of reincarnation in the west.

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We live in a universe with four spatial dimensions. The spiritual universe is an objective reality, and does not reside in our minds. The spirit of the universe, or “the Force” is the living ocean of magnetic monopoles that fill the entire four dimensional universe–these come in two types based on the sign of the magnetic charges, light or dark. Our living spirits, or souls, are constituted of these magnetic monopoles. Our physical bodies are robotic and lifeless, animated by our living souls.

In order to decipher from this setting who we are truly, who are the human beings, we must bring out some important observations.

First, every single human being on the planet has spiritual darkness within. Both anger and sorrow are impossible without spiritual darkness. Therefore we cannot be considered light spirits. Every single one of the 6.7 billion have inner darkness, and the unenlightened among us expend this inner darkness without self-awareness causing havoc for others.

Second, every single human being on the planet has spiritual light within. Whether it is a greater or larger, there exist no human being without spiritual light.

Regardless of our precise identity, it is important to recognize the two facts above. We have darkness and we have light.

Next, spiritual darkness can be identified with Nietzsche’s concept of ‘will to power’ which in his account drives the human being and the universe. This is not quite true, for he missed the light aspects of our spirit.

In general, whether we expose our inner selves in public or we keep private, we have both angelic aspects and vampyric aspects to our spiritual existence, all of us. Unfortunately we are indoctrinated and coerced by societies to exhibit controlled behavior, and generally benefit from public display of light aspects and repression of dark aspects. Sometimes the repression is so strong that we begin to act in society without any regard to human judgment of light or dark aspects being exposed. Partly this is because modern societies VALUE deception as a sign of intelligence.

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The human race is sufficiently perceptive to recognize that a blonde and a brunette sister born to the same parents should not be considered to belong to different races.  But the perception stops there.  Modernity has created an intricate taxonomy of human differences and races.  We have felt enlightened when rather than creating a taxonomy by the shape of the jaw or by consistency of hair, we use the skin color or perceived geographic origin to decide racial types.  We have then become excited when the physical code of DNA was first analyzed and sought various types of classification of human beings by race.  In all this enlightenment, we have allowed a great deal of political power to ideologues who tell us that whatever category we belong to is superior to various other categories, so in the excitement of our specialness we have been willing to accept all sorts of people we have never met as evil.  In the second world war, the widespread sentiment in the west was that the Japanese were incapable of mastery of aircraft because they were of the slant eye race.  But we do not like giving up our fantasy of racial differences because too many bedtime stories would have to be abandoned, and perhaps we fear other social consequences too.

I remember different past lives that have crossed different racial boundaries, which implies for me that racial difference is an illusion for me.  I also know that the universe is four dimensional, as are our souls, and so I cannot take physical characteristics seriously in determining identity of a human being at all.  So the truth is that racial difference is just a fantasy.

But then, what gives this fantasy substance?  Theories of origins, mythologies from religions.  Christian evangelists have the ridiculous belief that since black people are descended from Ham, they are forever accursed.  These sorts of beliefs poison the human race and compel otherwise reasonable people to agree to kill people they do not know at all.  Our political leaders, far from removing our false fantasies, gain their power from exploiting our confusions.

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And I Tiresias have foresuffered all
Enacted on this same divan or bed;
I who have sat by Thebes below the wall
And walked among the lowest of the dead.

–T S Eliot

Between April 6 2009 to early September of 2009 I was homeless, and spent time in some so-called dangerous neighborhoods of New York City.  The area where I stayed, near Union Square, West Village, East Village, Soho, had developed a reputation to be dangerous neighborhoods.  During the period of concern, there were a number of violent events: a new gang had massacred a group of white homeless men in Tompkins square park, and I had briefly spoken to a survivor whose head was shaven and had visible scars on his head from cuts.  His friends had not survived the violence, which were apparently the gang’s promotion ritual for their hierarchy.  Neighborhoods at night were territorial war zones of sorts.  In this period, I had been threatened with violence many times by numerous parties, had been taken to jail a number of times for sleeping at sidewalks and park benches, had been given many police summons for refusing to move from particular locations.  On one rainy evening, when I would typically spend time under the shelter provided by an open area with a roof of the theater on Union Square, and the management of the theater would call the police to remove me periodically, and I would explain to the police that given that homeless shelters are full and my priorities override their concerns, the best they can hope for is for me to cross the street and return when they are gone.  In the same spot, a young mentally disturbed man came to seek shelter and became convinced that I was practicing voodoo and threatened violence against me — one of the rare times I was certain that the threat was serious.  I left the vicinity to find elsewhere to sleep:  I went over to the Washington Square Park area where the group of vagabonds I had befriended were musically inclined, and they even had a name for the group: it was “The Asylum”.  I returned a week later to see some friends near Union Square and learned that Nordy had killed someone with a knife and was taken to jail, probably never to see freedom again.  The only two times I have experienced actual violence were when my companion in homelessness, with whom I had shared my own food many times, became fearful when I started yelling at some gang members in a loud argument near our sleeping area that they should let us sleep at 4 am in the morning and have their argument elsewhere.  My companion became so frightened at the prospect of them carrying guns that he woke up, ran to me and hit me a few times from which my eye bled and did not heal for another few weeks.  He then proceeded to cozy up to the gang members, referring to them as “brother” and even accepting some money they offered to him.  He then told me he would kill me and threw my belongings into the street.  I told him to wait so that I could call the police because he had cut my lips as well.  I had not reacted physically at all I was so stunned by his strange behavior.  He did not wait for the police, and the police who took my 911 call never came.

The only other time any actual violence transpired was when I was sleeping near a shop on cardboard in Soho.  The woman who owned the shop had two friends, white men, who she had recruited to remove me from the area.  I told them I would move, but since I took too much time, and they apparently had the habit of harrassing homeless people, they created a scuffle and I hurt my knee.  They also forced me to leave my belongings and refused to let me reclaim them. I called the police and was able to reclaim my belongings.  I did not press charges because the police harrassment was perhaps sufficient justice for their deed.

My experiences in this period had taught me that even expressed intention to harm is not particularly dangerous, and there is a gigantic difference between intention to harm, even expressed, and actual harm.  One immediate consequence of this is that for me, when evaluating if someone or some group, or some agency expresses even virulent intention to harm or commit violence, it can be assumed to be hot air around 90% of the time, while actual violence is an entirely different matter.

Now let come to the larger issue, of evaluating which of the religions — Judaism, Islam, or Christianity — is the most violent.  In the west specifically, Islam is considered the most violent for an array of reasons, but historically, if we ignore the ‘hot air’ then Christianity must be deemed the most violent from actual commitment.  From the appearance of Hernan Cortes in the New World in early 1400s to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the recent violence in Eurasia following the imperial false flag operation during 9/11, not to mention the Crusades for the “Holy Land”, Christianity has had the record for violence, murder, atrocities not singly but in mass.  Further, Christianity is responsible for the development of weapons of mass destruction that today plague Earth.

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