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Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind’s elation
Little girls from Sweden dream of silver screen quotations
And if you want these kinds of dreams its californication.

–Red Hot Chili Peppers

There are excellent accounts of the cozy relation between big budget Hollywood films and Pentagon that has the effect of transforming many of the Hollywood blockbusters into slickly produced propaganda for the American military.  The fairly successful result is an entire population living in a false reality and out of touch with the reality in the rest of the planet.  One of the main reasons for the support for the Iraq war was precisely this detachment from political reality of the world that Americans live in.  The national education system skews analysis of the second world war with an omission from history, the order to kill around a million German prisoners of war by Eisenhower, and a Stalinist Big Lie, the Holocaust that apparently killed 11 million.  This propaganda is necessary to counterbalance the public feelings about the greatest terrorist act in human history, the atomic bombing of civilian cities in Japan.

Hollywood movies systematically produce for the American public a set of completely fabricated dramas which the public naturally use to construct their reality of the world.  For those who have never been to Afghanistan, their only option for imagining an Afghani are limited to Hollywood movies, newspapers and television, magazine articles.  Thus Pentagon’s influence and funding of Hollywood movies is a far cry from any simple legitimate business.  It is an unholy alliance that has as purpose the control of reality of the American people.


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There are some strong pressures for the disintegration of the entire planetary Empire system but it is interesting to restrict attention for the pressures for the disintegration of the American Empire specifically because it has been the dominant power in the pyramid during 1944-2008.

The most obvious force that is visible to everyone is the WikiLeaks exposure of different set of internal documents of the American government: the war logs effectively neutralized Pentagon’s options to create a false drama to feed the public in order to continue operations in the Middle East; the second poisoned the diplomatic nerves of the American Empire and by the view of folks such as Prince Faisal bin Turki of Saudi Arabia, who has been an ambassador to America and hence familiar with the power structure.  Only a fraction of the cables have been published thus far and there is already a dramatic process of the government exercising influence on credit card companies, internet companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google, banks, and other companies to isolate WikiLeaks.  Regardless of how they proceed, however, it will be impossible to reverse the major damage.  Furthermore, the five major newspapers which supported the WikiLeaks efforts have Rothschild backing — Le Monde was bought by them in 2004 for example — and hence the overt drama of Assange is clearly hiding a deeper fight for power between factions in Europe and America.



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The American military budget is a ridiculous $670 billion per annum and they can’t win a war in nine years against the Taliban in Afghanistan.  They need some support, and the Rothschild monopoly on a network of major newspapers in the west is a great podium from which to provide the support.  The front page article in New York Times is a dire warning about China’s newfangled military toys, their new and threatening technological whiz-bang that they could use to threaten American military in the Pacific.  American Empire has a long history of aggression by speaking of reaction and defense — they used this technique in expansion to Mexican territory in the mid nineteenth century under the conquistador president Polk.  They have used the same trick later, most viciously in the construction of the Cold War by a secret cabal.

Let’s do a quick check on China’s military spending.  At $78 billion, it is 11.6% of the American military budget.  The New York Times and the Rothschild newspapers in Europe might even be able to convince the western public that China is a deadly military threat to the west.  We all know how they were able to convince the population that even with boxcutters and failed flying lessons Muslims are such a threat to America that it warranted the murder of a million Iraqis.

On 11 January 2011, we had news that Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in China, attempting to have direct communication with the Chinese Empire to avoid miscalculation and misunderstanding.  The New York Times, who want an American conflict with China has plastered their front page with alarming news about China testing a new stealth plane that they tested during Gates’ visit.  They obscure the basic facts of the situation in the far east militarily.  America has been conducting joint exercises with South Korea apparently against the North Korean threat.  America has 90 military bases in Japan with more than 47,000 troops stationed there.  The American public are to understand, from the New York Times articles, that China poses a great threat and there is a great provocation in the testing of a stealth plane during Gates’ visit.  The owners of NYT and their friends have a great deal of interest in provoking a war with China, for the American military budget today is more than the combined total annual income of the bottom 48 million of the nation, below poverty line, and the military industry has taken a beating in failing to defeat the low tech Taliban in Afghanistan after nine years of bungled warfare.

Note that this is not the first time that news men will have goaded America into war if conflict does begin.  The classic example of a similar situation is the provocation produced by news men during Polk’s imperial campaign to conquer Mexican land from Texas to California where the newspaper helped goad the public into accepting provocations that were incited by American aggression so that America could attack ‘in defence’.  More than a century and a half later, not much has changed.  It is even more insane given that China is across the world from the Americans physically.

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From the perspective of someone who has lived most of my life in America, 23 years since 1987, one of the most fascinating and incomprehensible phenomena are religious right views about spirituality and politics.  They make very little sense to me and I would think to any rational being who is not immersed in them.  Capital punishment and warfare against various constructed evil forces are valued highly, from which one would conclude that their views about murder and killing of human beings is fairly permissive, suddenly become extremely vocal against killing when it comes to abortion of the unborn fetuses.  It is one of the strangest contradictions but somehow perfectly sensible to the followers of these cults.  Of course gymnastics in logic are active in Islamic cults and others, but this phenomenon is particularly virulent in America because these zombied masses can sway politics of the nation with the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world to an extent.

These wildly contradictory positions cannot be naturally developed, and must be sustained by an infrastructure and conditioning.  There are networks of evangelist churches, television shows, events, an entire sub-economy that is used to indoctrinate the masses.  Last month, when I was taking the Greyhound trip from Cincinnati to Dallas, Texas, at a stopover at St. Louis Missouri I passed through long hallways where all the terminals of giant overhead televisions were showing an evangelist priest proseltyzing.  Thus the irrational and contradictory beliefs are well-funded, as anyone can easily check.


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Average Americans have lived in unprecedented prosperity in the time period of American dominance in the planetary Empire system in the period 1944-2008. Only recently however has the popular fear of the “New World Order” been promulgated in public. I’ve seen the spread of the idea of a coming NWO since 2008 when I began propaganda for a planetary Republic. The fear is that global governance is coming, and will take away the cherished freedoms of Americans. The root of this fear is of course that since the American public has been fully under the sway of complete propaganda since the verld dominator cabal which included Harry Truman took over and created a fully secret power structure with control of the corporate press, the American public did not realize that their so-caled freedoms and prosperity fully depended on being the privileged society in a pyramidical global power structure. They were made to believe that they were free while they lived in a fantasy world, and their reaction to a vague recognition that all is not what it seems from the imagined community they had lived in constructed by those who control the corporate media and government is the panic of a pyramidical dystopia of the future. This dystopia has been clear to those who have been lower in the pyramid since the end of the second world war. Global governance has been the case from the inception of UN Security Council.

There is no need for fear of something that has been the case. If Americans fully understand that they will lose their privileges in the coming changes, and that demanding a true planetary Republic is the only way to keep the bottom from falling in for their remaining privileges, we can speed up the process towards a just political system for everyone. No amount of military know-how or gadgetry can stem the fall of America within the planetary pyramid, if one is still functioning. A flat structure is the best Americans and Europeans can expect from the current political state of the planet.

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In “The Grand Chessboard”, Brzezinski had pointed out the American imperatives in Eurasia. It has vast human and mineral resources, and thus American interests are to ensure that no political bloc had the strength to expel America from its decisive arbitration role. This is not a new book, but Brzezinski was the National Security Advisor during the crucial period of the region’s history when the Islamic revolution expelled the American puppet government in April 1979. Brzezinski recommended CIA help the mujahideen in Afghanistan by July 1979 against the communist government there drawing Russians in to protect it late December 1979. This was a “balancing” for the Cold War frontier. America had lost control of Iran, gained by a CIA coup in 1953, and Russians had to expend their military energies in a protracted war in Afghanistan for geostrategic “balance” of power. The Russians devastated Afghanistan and finally withdrew in 1987, and in between Reagan sang paeans to the Afghani freedom fighters, dedicating the 1982 flight of space shuttle Columbia to them.

Now in all this geostrategic American interest, there is absolutely no concern for the destruction of the civil life of the entire region either by the Americans or the Russians, as busy as they have been with their “balance of power”. Even today, they have racist views about Afghanis. Brzezinski considers them medieval beyond the capacity for civilization — which begs the question of his own capacity for civilization for me, but let me not digress on that irrelevant point.

It is clear to me that America has not been very successful in building useful civil infrastructure in Afghanistan, that since their invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 after a false flag operation they had even underestimated the proportion of the population sympathetic to the Taliban — around a third of the country from my impression, and after nine years of enormous resources spent (around $670 billion military budget last year) they have agreed to move out in 2014, which gives the Taliban default “victory” because it’s their land and they can just wait there. Patreus’ plan, if one can call it a plan seriously, is to defeat the Taliban and force them to the negotiating table, and The New York Times has been cheering on this ridiculous plan by giving all sorts of localized “good news” of how the insurgents have been “quieted”. They can be quiet for strategic reasons, obviously. They KNOW that Americans have already set a time to withdraw.

Now to my main point, which is that the strategic winner in all this mess is Turkey, because Turkey has decided to allow Taliban to open an office in Turkey, which will legitimize the Taliban as a political organization independently of Afghanistan. This is a much more serious geostrategic political move than seems on the surface. Indeed, I claim this is a “checkmate” move for influence on the region, regardless of the maneuverings of American military, CIA, and the Pakistani intelligence and military. Why? Because despite all the propaganda in the western press, the Taliban are a third of Afghanistan with a tremendous amount of potential political energy if organized wisely.

Turkey is one of the very few Muslim majority nations that has gone through a secularization process. In 1922 it abolished the Sultanate and in 1924 Caliphship. They are uniquely positioned to bring genuine political change to the region which America neither has the skills nor the wilingness to do since their concern is to control the resources. A book is coming out about Bush’s negotiations with the Taliban well before 9/11 of either you give us oil for a carpet of gold or we deliver carpet of bombs. This from an American President does not engender any faith in the rhetoric of concern for the well-being of the condition of women, for example. The actual events have borne out the things written by Brzezinski in his book long before 2001.

It may be that Turkey wants imperial style influence on the region with Iran. But even that sort of influence is beneficial to the people of the region who have been duped and lied to and killed while the rhetoric of liberty and democracy and whatnot has never stopped. Turkey’s imperial concerns, if any, are still preferable for the people because Turkey is not across the ocean sending occupation troops but is attempting to spread its own cultural imperatives to the region devastated by Russia, by America, and lacking any civilian infrastructure.

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Ivan Pavlov in 1927 produced a theory of behavioral training for dogs which is also referred to as respondent conditioning. Euphemisms for this technique is associative learning. In this technique there is a neutral stimulus, a stimulus that does not produce a behavioral response, and a conditioned stimulus, one that does produce a behavioral response. During his research on the physiology of digestion in dogs, Pavlov noticed that, rather than simply salivating in the presence of meat powder (an innate response to food that he called the unconditioned response), the dogs began to salivate in the presence of the lab technician who normally fed them. Pavlov called these psychic secretions. From this observation he predicted that, if a particular stimulus in the dog’s surroundings were present when the dog was presented with meat powder, then this stimulus would become associated with food and cause salivation on its own. In his initial experiment, Pavlov used a bell to call the dogs to their food and, after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the bell.

Nations and religions use an exact analogue of this training to train minds of people to make certain associations and reinforce certain boundaries that cannot be transgressed without negative emotional responses. National school systems are typically used for this sort of indoctrination, of production of identity, of reinforcement of certain prejudices agains other human beings, of reacting to particular ways to the national anthem, to associate ideals with the symbols of the nation by rituals of different sorts, to consider certain national documents sacred and originary, to reinforce the mythologies of the nation as personal mythologies, and to reinforce certain judgments about historical events as canonical and beyond reproach. I shall come back to sharp examples.

Education system of the nationalists is simply one venue of indoctrination where textbooks are essentially polished propaganda for history. The western media by and large, controlled by a small group of elite reinforce a particular ideology and a particular reality. We see this explicitly in the empire of Rupert Murdoch, but we see this more explicitly in Rothschild ownership of Le Monde in France and partial ownership of The Economist. Indeed, there is an account of a J P Morgan study of media required to influence American public opinion from 1919.

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