The human race is divided, bloodied, bleeding.  Trump’s defense of white nationalism could be an organic evolution of the human race to seek organization that transcend nation states.  In 2008 I was naively optimistic about a global republic which was unfortunately far beyond my capacity for progress.  Nations build their culture seemingly organically but in the case of America, it was willfully constructed by a plutocratic elite.  One could look at race relations in America as an experiment in progress.  Note the progress, very slow, of black Americans from slavery to citizenship over the past two centuries and many other developments.  It is useful actually to consider George Soros’ concept of Reflexivity which he developed for financial markets to revolutionary changes in the human condition (and politics).  This theory of reflexivity divides the activity of the financial markets into a passive observation component and an active participation component.   The so-called alt-right both in America and Europe are guinea pigs in an experiment that maybe no one had performed.  They are attempting to revive fascist race-based nationalist power structures.  This would be their second attempt: Germany’s attempt at race-based power structure had failed in the Second World War.  American nationalism has evolved beyond race, but the extreme right’s retry at reorganizing the power structure occurs after the destruction of the Middle East and is probably toxic to American nationalism overall.  So what POSITIVE developments can come next?  I had thought that since technology existed to connect the world that communication alone could allow a new process of integration to occur, but this was not correct at all.  So what comes next that does not involve a bloody world war?  I don’t know yet.