Ladies and Gentlemen,
S4 Physics succeeds in producing a full mathematical description of the universe in principle that is far superior in explanatory power than Western Science in toto.  What is the fundamental inspiration here?  It is a PLATONIC view of the universe, something that, with my training in Mathematics rather than in empirical sciences, I feel much more comfortable with.  My physical intuition is completely classical and deterministic, something that had disappeared from physics by the rise of Quantum Physics and Relativity in the 1920s.  Then in the 1960s you had the influence of Benoit Mandelbrot and ‘fractal geometry’.  My inspiration goes back to BERNHARD RIEMANN.  The fortunate aspect here is that the static four-sphere happens to be completely tractable. And Nature is described accurately by a Platonic geometry of Existence beyond the physical three dimensional world.  This is not a surprise to me of course because I had seen quite clearly that the geometry of Nature ought to be beautiful and simple and while necessary, the mess of empirical and phenomenomenological theory building that pretends that mathematical clarify is not to be expected from Nature was an overreaction from Kepler onwards when the celestial trajectories were found not to be quite cicular.  I am restoring the balance in Science and returning to Platonic foundations where all aspects of Nature can be deductive theory from a complete theory that is beautiful and simple where even quantum phenomena can actually be understood clearly deductively from S4 Physics fundamental description of Nature.  Then a great many confusing aspects of physics simply disappear.  Classical S4 EM law then implies wave-particle duality.  The spectrum of the unit four-sphere tells us exactly what quantization of energy in the actual universe is and we have an EXPLANATION for quantization, which had been since S4 Physics had simply been accepted as an observational surprise of Max Planck.  Classical law of EM then still forces localization of electrons simply by four-sphere geometry.  We remove time dilation and we no longer need to consider SCHROEDINGER EQUATION as a fundamental law with strange interpretations (such as ‘many worlds’ or such things) and can have a clear explanation in a universe with UNIQUE FATE WITH DETERMINISTIC DYNAMICS IN A STATIC ETERNAL FOUR-SPHERE.  We remove mass-based Galileo/Newton force of gravity altogether from macroscopic physics.

The conceptual clarity thus obtained for Nature is tremendous for although we are forced to accept a very large fourth purely electromagnetic spatial dimension, we reclaim classical determinism and we reclaim classical determinism with a perfect four-sphere in a compact geometry which allows us to conclude Eternal Recurrence is true about the universe.

Compared the simplicity and accuracy of S4 Physics with GR/QED/Expansion and you will see how stunning an achievement is the discovery of S4 Physics and the quantitative predictions of major confusing issues are remarkably clear and sharp and sensible: we obtain redshift prediction while the confused world believes ‘accelerating expansion’ which is nonsense for there is NO EXPANSION; we obtain Earth-Sun gravity by simple extrapolation of neutral atom Van der Waals; we interpret Lambda=1.11 x10^{-52}m^{-2} as curvature of empty space which immediately leads to closed static geometry of Existence.  And now in principle, we do have a very large unknown ‘latent’ dimension (which need to have empirical investigation in the future).

Eternal Recurrence is potentially clearly a theorem in S4 Physics by fairly well-established ergodic theory.  So for me I consider the correct view of Nature to be based on S4 Physics in the foundations.

S4 Physics implies that NOT ONLY THAT EACH HUMAN BEING IS A FOUR-DIMENSIONAL BEING (four spatial dimensional) but we can make the assumption roughly that NON-ORGANIC MATTER is affected less by the four-dimensional latent composition of the universe (the complement of the physical universe in Existence) so there is a very real possibility (and in fact the truth) that if we want to model the HUMAN RACE SYSTEM we must assume that there is a collective evolution that has a large amount of unseen collective factors beyond the individual level ‘purely physical influences’. So we have a collective effects in the Human Race system that are not fully described by the Empirical Materialist Fundamentalist assumptions about Nature.  Therefore Physics directly affects human psyche that are not merely determined by the 3D physiological and 3D environmental factors.

In other words we have something MORE at play than 3D nature versus 3D nurture in the Human Race system.


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