Ladies and Gentlemen,
By “Western Science” I will mean the combination of three foundational theories of Nature.
(a) General Relativity
(b) Quantum Electrodynamics
(c) Expansionary Cosmologies
These are semi-coherent theories of Nature with many celebrated aspects. I have of coursed used them crucially to develop S4 Physics but I will replace all of them with S4 Physics which is the correct fundamental description of Nature.  So I will be focusing not on the good qualities of (a), (b) and (c) but on their failures and tell you how my S4 Physics solves all the significant problems of these theories.

First, let us dismiss the 1971 ‘confirmation of time dilation’ as an overelaborate exercise in measuring ACCURACY DRIFTS OF CESIUM ATOMIC CLOCKS.  In 1987 there was a solid study on accuracy drifts of cesium atomic clocks and it is an exercise to show that based on known accuracy drifts temperature alone at 10 km height would explain 4.5 ns/hour of 13.2 ns/hour loss that 1971 experiment attributed to ‘time dilation’.  In fact TIME DOES NOT DILATE in the actual universe.  This is total nonsense.

I have explained previously that Special Relativity is simply a mathematical accident — it so happens that if one assumes that space without any matter is empty flat Minkowski space then certain linear transformations preserve solutions of the wave equation.  These are the Lorentz transformations.  This theory only seems correct and has 10 decimal figure accuracy because curvature of matterless space is small — this is the S4 Physics explanation for why Special Relativity has 10 decimal figure experimental checks.  Lambda=1.11 x 10^{-52}m^{-2} is the curvature of matterless space — the fundamental assumption of S4 Physics.  This curvature leads to the conclusion that to see 1 mm deviation from flatness in the universe we would need 10x the distance between Earth and Sun roughly.  But even a tiny bit of curvature in matterless space leads to the rejection of Special Relativity.

We ought to reject (a),(b),(c) above and accept S4 Physics if S4 Physics can resolve major contradictions and shortcomings of (a), (b), (c).  It is easy to explain the redshift quantitatively in S4 Physics as I have sketched.  We can predict a redshift with the quantitatively correct slope with assuming Lambda to be the curvature to within 0.5 of the measured value.  This, by the way, is the first and only clear prediction and explanation of redshift in history in a STATIC COSMOLOGICAL MODEL.  You can see the computation yourself in the attached and I have explained how to do this before.

Now we consider the issue of wave-particle duality.  In S4 Physics there is no problem with treating the S4 EM law, which is a classical wave equation on spinor fields of a four-sphere as an exact law.  Localization of particles is then derived for although a priori the model for photons are not localized, for realistic frequencies they will be localized and this is a mathematical exercise in checking the exact formulae for DIRAC EIGENSPINORS ON A FOUR-SPHERE in R=3075.69 Mpc setting.  So here the geometry of Existence will IMPLY MATHEMATICALLY the localization of photons and fermions.  No such localization exists in QED which is a siginificant flaw of QED.

Then I showed you how to see that Van der Waals force between neutral hydrogen atoms can be used to reproduce gravitational force between Sun and Earth.  There is thus no need for ANY separate mass based force.  We can conclude strongly that there are NO BLACK HOLES in the actual universe.

So what happened with Relativity is simply that Einstein’s General Relativity equation were really just the Ricci curvature equation of an arbitrary smooth hypersurface of a four-sphere and since people believed empty space is flat in 1900 they accepted dynamics of gravity as well and Lorentz invariance.  These things are fictional.  The truth is that there is evidence (from Bohm-Aharanov 1959 reality of EM potential, from 5,8,10,12 fold rotational symmetries of materials called ‘quasicrystals’) that there is a vast purely EM fourth spatial dimension which is vast, in the scale of R=3075.69 Mpc, that acts as ether, a 4D ether, and this is Existence against whose background we have the physical three dimensional universe emerge.  The physical universe is an evolving hypersurface.  The law is deterministic, S4 EM law.

There is not expansion.

There is no ‘mass based gravity’
There is no time dilation.
There are no black holes.

There IS a vast purely electromagnetic fourth spatial dimension in the universe and Descartes erred in considering this ‘Mental World’.  This is physically real and purely electromagnetic.  It is false that objectively real phenomena are correctly described by the model of the world where we have three ‘large space dimensions’ and possibly very small extra dimensions, as string and M-theorists posit.  There are four large purely electromagnetic spatial dimensions with a fixed four-sphere geometry in whose background all physical phenomena arise instead.  With a single law, S4 EM, governing all phenomena SEEN AND UNSEEN (including “Mental World” of Descartes) we have total coherence of macroscopic physics.  Then there is no Cosmological Constant problem.  There is no problem understanding that energy MUST be quantized and even though classical dynamics governs the fundamental S4 EM force, there MUST be localization of particles.  So quantum phenomena are MATHEMATICAL CONSEQUENCES of global geometry of existence.  Then we can also understand that QUANTUM MECHANICS is a phenomenological approximation of this beautiful, clear, simple macroscopic physics governing nature.

All the various efforts at ‘quantum gravity’ are bound to fail because gravity does not actually exist as a mass based force.  Classical deterministic laws will tell us how Schroedinger Equation is a tangent space approximation of S4 EM law.  All movement in the physical universe is just deformation of the physical hypersurface of a static eternal four-sphere.  That’s it.  There is no problem with constancy of speed of light because that’s just  constant in the EM law.  The fundamental constant besides speed of light is RADIUS OF EXISTENCE and it is tightly equivalent simultaneously with Planck Constant and Cosmological Constant.

These can all be verified quantitatively and give us a holistic picture of Nature.  This is not a ‘unified field theory’ but a different foundation for macroscopic physics that is not all that magical.  There is no quantum hocus pocus.  S4 Physics can be understood much more easily and tells us the laws governing Nature in clear simple terms that work out as the BEST SCIENCE THAT HUMANITY HAS EVER ENCOUNTERED.  This is no hyperbole.  It’s just the facts.


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