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As I look at the rise of Chinese empire and consider the influence on America’s right by Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, I am horrified by her.  Ayn Rand’s Individualism is essentially that not only should egotistical selfish people be free to do what they will ‘productively’ but more insidiously that self-interested people should rule the entire world for their interests. This is just a regression of philosophy to the PRE-RELIGIOUS past before Judaism, Christianity and Islam. She’s just replacing God with emperors with power over the planet. I don’t see how this is an improvement over Christian empire gutted of it’s altruism.  America’s foundations on European enlightenment was far more advanced and sophisticated in thinking than Rand’s philosophy of selfishness.  Followers of Rand in my mind would be akin to a cult of chaos and dystopia for the human civilization.

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Let’s call this the Zulf Thesis:  America’s invasion of the Middle East for Israel’s sake tilts the entire Mideast toward China where they will be loved and will produce a rapidly industrialized tributary of Chinese empire, and that while today AIPAC is the biggest lobby in Washington, a rich power like China will own Congress next and threaten to make America itself a Chinese tributary.

The anti-Muslim rhetoric in America must stop as the rise of China requires American hegemony in the Middle East to be loved.

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Look, the State Department should prepare a document with the history of Christian conflicts in Europe and a copy of Locke’s Tolerance document with an analysis of why sectarian conflicts were resolved by Locke’s Tolerance. Then it should send copies of this document to leaders of Muslim countries and ask them to consider secular politics and separation of Church and State in a respectful manner and then they might see the light. They probably don’t know the problems they have that are solved by the same reasoning. Calling them evil is not going to produce results.

If this is done with sufficient care, Tillerson might yet have a great diplomatic achievement to his name.  Israel and iran should have a peace deal and America should normalize relations with Iran.  That would make life a lot easier for America in the region.

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So I lie down, in my current place of exile, suburbs of Dallas preparing to obtain books on macroeconomics in a comfortable house of my aunt.  I feel some annoyance at being not on top of mathematical confidence and not being able to get the momentum in mathematical inspiration that will allow me to see clearly the points of the state of the world that will allow me to do something significant in finance and economic and not understanding what the current geopolitical and economic point I am located in some Hegelian historical point where I could find a smooth point of entry, things like this that frustrate me since I am not wealthy but having been a Vice President in a New York commodities fund years ago I feel unable to seek employment that is menial by comparison, types of issues that I think would be quite universal.  I lie down after chastising my aunt for feeling that she contributed to my internal feeling of stagnation with some ‘you are religious people’ and how doctors and medicine won’t help and that I can see the chaos that I am in my path.  I lie down and feel a shock to my body where I cry out loud something about ‘western door’ or something like it and I see a figure and hear Jerry Seinfeld, so I say good comedian I used to like his show.  Next I am in a field with modern equipped Israeli soldiers in camouflage and modern weaponry and and a number of people some of them I knew and some not.  Mostly well dressed in expensive suits.  The ones that I knew included Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Richard Perle in the back of a car wearing dark sunglasses and well-combed white hair, groups of people including many in military officer dress.  A brief moment when some people in Washington looking at some of my Facebook posts with curiosity debating whether I am an idiot or a genius and so on.  As I went through this zig-zag of what seemed like some sort of path among these figures in a geography that was too hard for me to map, I kept repeating ‘love your enemies’ and ‘love all human beings’ with the reasoning that this is a useful thing for the world that seems sunk in conflict.

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Xi Jinping has done something spectacular — he has challenged the left liberal humanitarians with mass poverty reduction. So this is impressive because in the West the ideas of poverty reduction and humanitarian aid to the poor countries of the world had been a point of pride and an important part of the discourse on foreign policy although the actual aid often fell short of the scale of propaganda. What Xi has managed to do is embrace this as policy and one could question whether he will follow through. I think he will because this is China’s greatest advantage versus the West — to industrialize the poor nations and put them on track for development. This approach massively challenges the world order if it works. I tend to think the rise of the far right mostly as a reaction to something — I have been stressing the Clash of Civilizations between Islam and the West as a force from Zionists primarily but they could be considered differently as reaction to the refugee and immigrant crises independently a combination of both. In any case, the West’s slice of humanitarian effort toward poor countries is diminished which may not make much difference overall economically but it makes a huge difference in terms of the mood of the population. West’s social fabric is healthier when there is a feeling of charity and mission of humanitarian work throughout the poor countries. It is spectacular genius on China’s part to embrace this as global hegemon directly gaining traction with liberal population of the west. Xi is truly a Chinese emperor — he even extended possible stay past a second term. Underestimating this man is and the forces behind him is extremely deadly. He has combined western right and left simultaneously and seamlessly in the Davos speech. It’s a beautiful counter to the far right anti-Muslim move in the west because it’s not enough. The West must be able to move more left as well. Demonizing Muslims and the anti-racist forces in America are divided in just the wrong lines to match this genius combination. The right wing is insufficiently altruistic and benevolent toward the entire human race and the left wing is insufficiently careful about economic growth in the west. Just a beautiful shot from China. Now the West must ignore Trump and prepare a beautiful return.

Xi Jinping is a serious serious threat to the west for leadership of global hegemony. In America the left-right divide is entrenched but Xi’s China is mixing these in new ways and applying them with the sovereign power of China to the world. This is a much deeper challenge than military hegemony issues. It’s a challenge that goes into the heart of the right-left divide and requires some synthesis to occur in America that is sane and civilized. This is so much beyond the power of a single person of even the highest intellectual abilities to do: it is the product of a collective effort of China’s ruling elite. I suspect that it is beyond the capacity of Trump or anyone in Washington frankly because there is in it a deep soul and humanity which are not respected in Washington and considered utopian. It’s easy to criticise Trump and tempting but who can do this? America does not really have a place for a merging of mastery of geopolitical, economic power with an embrace of the entire human race with benevolence today. One can see such a great spirit of the American type in Thomas Jefferson but not in the cynical political class in Washington. This is a real challenge for America, not juvenile populism and capture of sentiments of bigotry and nationalism; such things are of interest in domestic politics but American wealth has been a matter of empire for a long time. To see Xi Jinping as anything other than a Chinese emperor is mistaken; this is not a metaphor. He is literally a Chinese emperor. Impressive. If Donald Trump shows a worthy response I am willing to be impressed still. Is Donald Trump our American Emperor still waiting to show his true colours?

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Xi Jinping’s Davos speech includes Silk Road from Tehran to Damascus for infrastructure development.  Saudi Arabia has countered with $500 billion in a city 33 times bigger than New York near Jordan and Iraq.  One can infer the Chinese hegemonic project to include the Middle East.  Now let’s look at it from the perspective of Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations perspective.  This has been taken it seems to me to be a project to mobilize the West for a war to destroy Islamic civilization and you can find the appropriate evidence for this in American activity in the Middle East since 9/11 and West turning hard right and anti-Muslim.  The point that is important is this:  I claim that West by destroying Islam will strengthen China because China has the capacity and the will to revive the Islamic civilization by providing economic and infrastructure stimulus.  Extreme anti-Western sentiment from Muslims will produce a world order where the geopolitical pivot of history of Mackinder in Eurasia will be aligned to China rather than the west for a very long time.  This is a significant issue not just for America but for Western Civilization.  It is not enough simply from the larger Civilizational perspective to have political and economic dominance of the Islamic lands but to have amicable relations with its people.  America has not been able to produce stable orders in Iraq and Libya and seeks regime change in Iran.  A destruction of Islamic civilization lies beyond the capabilities of America and it is thus populist hatred of Muslims is thus a danger to the West as an ability of China to have amicable relations with a buffer Muslim civilization at war with the West — cold or otherwise — will put the entire West at a disadvantage relative to China in the long run.  It is thus imperative that there is a serious decision to cull the efforts to produce such a hostile situation by culling anti-Muslim sentiment in the West, by producing an Israel-Iran peace deal, and other means that would lead to West in amicable relationship with the Islamic civilization.  This is necessary for West’s position in the changing world order.

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