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This is my firm prediction completely independly of his polls and news etc.  I had predicted correctly the same about Mitt Romney and I was right.  Reasons don’t really matter.  American elections have not so much to do with votes and numerical majority (as G. W. Bush showed).  Trump is there as the jester and fool to make Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush look good.  Otherwise he is an awful candidate to rule the west.  He is missing the same skill I am weak at: DIPLOMACY.  America in 1945 could afford a diplomacy-less king having won the world with Hiroshima and conquest of Western Europe.  Pretending that China is a bunch of street thugs to be dealt with by cowboy diplomacy is a recipe for America sinking into its grave.  He should be given credit for making caps about ‘making America great again’ and hope someone competent wears the cap.

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​Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here we present a basic solid result for daily stock volatility prediction.  We consider the question of whether a multilag multivariate basic standard linear model significantly improves predictive ability for volatility over a lag-1 univariate model.  This is a very basic question and provides a baseline result.  This is interesting because a univariate lag-1 model for volatility is quite good with mean in-sample R^2 of 0.92 +/- 0.02 (over a sample of 49 stocks).  Our definition of volatility is log(return^2).  We find that there is a significant improvement out-of-sample for a basic linear model with the following variables:


Here the number after the underscore is the lag and ‘av’ is aggregate volatility (average of log(return^2)), ‘lr2’ are the lags of log(return^2), and ‘lv’ is the log(volume).

The main result is that in-sample R^2 improvement is

>>> np.mean(x[‘R2imp’])
>>> np.std(x[‘R2imp’])

The attached file gives per-stock the log-likelihood in-sample for M1 (lag-1 model) M2 (multivariate linear model), the R^2 as well as out-of-sample MAD.  This last improves as follows:

>>> np.mean(x[‘osMAD1’])
>>> np.mean(x[‘osMAD2’])

which is a nice 22% reduction in out-of-sample error.  Attached are some of the graphs of the out-of-sample residuals (red is the lag-1 univariate black the multivariate linear model).

​ This is a solid result employing completely classical linear model without any fancy structure that gets us to an average R^2 = 0.957 (+/-0.012) in-sample and the attached graphs gives the out-sample errors without any re-estimation of parameters.

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Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-OC.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-FNSR.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-TITN.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-BKD.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-SCSS.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-ACGL.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-KNL.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-HTZ.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-DF.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-ITRI.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-HBI.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-MM.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-SRI.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-SIRO.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-OEH.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-RRGB.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-GOV.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-CVO.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-ELNK.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-RTEC.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-KND.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-G.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-IRBT.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-PRE.png

Preview attachment lm-volpred-outsample-residuals-NGPC.png

Preview attachment univariate-vs-multivariate-vol-models.csv

Preview attachment totv-vol-px.py

Preview attachment shist.tar.gz

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According to Jaffe and Witten:
“for QCD to describe the strong force successfully, it must have at the quantum
level the following three properties, each of which is dramatically different from the
behavior of the classical theory:
(1) It must have a “mass gap;” namely there must be some constant ∆>0
such that every excitation of the vacuum has energy at least ∆.
(2) It must have “quark confinement,” that is, even though the theory is de-
scribed in terms of elementary fields, such as the quark fields, that transform
non-trivially under
(3), the physical particle states—such as the proton,
neutron, and pion—are
(3) It must have “chiral symmetry breaking,” which means that the vacuum is
potentially invariant (in the limit, that the quark-bare masses vanish) only
under a certain subgroup of the full symmetry group that acts on the quark
Intuitively it is very clear that no one can ever prove any ‘mass gap’ for any nonabelian gauge theory on R^4 because that would make no sense whatsoever.  The universe is clearly compact, and it is the compactness of the universe that produces mass gap for Yang-Mills type theories because in fact useful self-adjoint operators have compact resolvents.  As for the ‘quark confinement’, it is unclear whether quarks are really particles at all but rather some geometric curvature measurements of actual stable structures being disintegrated.

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Stochastic volatility models are extremely strong models empirically, and an excellent account of their origins and research can be found in Torben Andersen and Neil Shephard’s paper Andersen-Shephard-SVOrigins-2008.  Our findings of the universality of Mittag-Leffler fits to autoregressive coefficients of volatility across instruments and frequencies for \log(ret^2) and their denoised versions:  equities, gold, crude oil daily frequency and US inflation monthly frequency and our expectation that this is universally valid shows that the stochastic volatility models are misspecified in the sense that the latent volatility process in nature does not follow a MARKOVIAN process but one that can be approximated by a MARKOVIAN finte order autoregression.  Thus in a sense the hard work in Bayesian estimation or other complex estimation schemes are technically misspecifying the undelying process by a MARKOVIAN APPROXIMATION which has good out-of-sample forecasting properties nonetheless.  The actual latent process in nature for all these stochastic volatility models are non-Markovian and their innovations have a specific Mittag-Leffler decay structure for a finite order autoregressive model, which implies that the correct model is approximable by Markovian autoregressions.


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