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The Mittag-Leffler function E_{a,b}(z) = \sum_{k=0}^\infty \frac{z^k}{\Gamma(ak+b)} is extremely basic in fractional calculus because E_{a,1}(-\lambda t^a) occurs as the solution of the fractional differential equation (d/dt)^a f(t) = \lambda f(t) and therefore is the generalization of the exponential function.  There exists a MATLAB implementation based on the paper gorenflo-mittag-leffler-computation but there was no open source python implementation.  Here is one.  The feature of this code that goes beyond the material of the wonderful paper is the following simple relation for computing the n-th derivative of the Mittag-Leffler function.

E^(n)_{a,b}(z) = E^{(n-1)}_{a,b-1}(z) + (b-(n-1)a-1) E^{(n-1)}_{a,b}(z)

which is a simple generalization of the same for n=1 due to Dzherbashyan.

import numpy as np
from scipy.special import gamma
from scipy.integrate import quad

def Kf(r,alf,bet,z):
res = (1/(np.pi*alf))*r**((1-bet)/alf)*np.exp(-r**(1/alf))
res *= r*np.sin(np.pi*(1-bet))- z*np.sin(np.pi*(1-bet+alf))
res /= r**2 – 2*r*z*np.cos(np.pi*alf) + z**2
return res

def P(phi,alf,bet,eps,z):
w = eps**(1/alf)*np.sin(phi/alf) + phi*(1+(1-bet)/alf)
res = eps**(1+(1-bet)/alf)/(2*np.pi*alf)
res *= np.exp(eps**(1/alf))*(np.cos(w)+1j*np.sin(w))
res /= eps*np.exp(1j*phi)
return res

def mlf2(z,alf,bet,K=10):
e = 1/gamma(bet)
for k in range(1,K):
e += z**k/gamma(alf*k+bet)
return e

def mlf(z,alf,bet,K=10):
rho = 1e-10
if alf>1:
k0 = int(np.ceil(alf)+1)
e = 0
for k in range(k0-1):
z1 = z**(1/k0)
w = np.exp(1j* 2 * np.pi*k/k0)
e += (1/k0)*mlf( z1*w, alf/k0, bet,K)
return e
if abs(z)<1e-6:
return 1/gamma(bet)
elif abs(z)np.floor(10+5*alf):
print(‘case large z’)
k0 = int(np.floor( -np.log(rho)/np.log(abs(z))))
if abs(np.angle(z)) < alf*np.pi/4 + 0.5*min(np.pi,alf*np.pi):
print(‘real case’)
e = (1/alf)*z**((1-bet)/alf)*np.exp(z**(1/alf))
for k in range(1,k0):
e += z**(-k)/gamma(bet-alf*k)
print(‘this case’)
e = 0
for k in range(1,k0):
t = z**(-k)/gamma(bet-alf*k)
e += -t
eps = 0.1
I1,err = quad(Kf,eps,np.inf,args=(alf,bet,z))
I2,err2 = quad(P,-np.pi*alf,np.pi*alf,args=(alf,bet,eps,z))
print(‘integral case: ML=’,I1+I2)
return I1+I2
return 0

def mlfn( z, a, b, n):
if n==0:
return mlf(z,a,b)
h = mlfn(z,a,b-1,n-1)
A = mlfn(z,a,b,n-1)
h += (b-float(n-1)*a-1)*float(A)
return (1/z)*h

def fpp2( delta, nu,n,t):
z = nu*t**delta
return z**n*mlfn(-z,delta,1,n)


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(A poem dedicated to Natalia de Varsgaard)
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Value at risk of an instrument for time T following a density with Fourier transform \hat{q}(\xi,t) can be calculated by a put option price as follows.  Let’s say the portfolio is a single stock with current value x_0, and we are interested in the loss beyond 2% at time T.  Then the put option cost struck at 0.98 x_0 will give us the value at risk of loss beyond 2% and this can be computed using the Fourier transform f(\xi) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{ix\xi} (.98x_0 - x)_+ d\xi as

VAR = \int_{-\infty}^\infty \hat{q}(\xi,T) f(\xi) d\xi

This is useful when our model of return density is not standard but given by a Fourier transform (such as the solution of a fractional diffusion and \hat{q} gives the Fourier transform of the equivalent martingale measure).

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(Interesting a single tear drops from my right eye)
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Eliot from Waste Land again
Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman
—But who is that on the other side of you?
What is that sound high in the air
Murmur of maternal lamentation
Who are those hooded hordes swarming
Over endless plains, stumbling in cracked earth
Ringed by the flat horizon only
What is the city over the mountains
Cracks and reforms and bursts in the violet air
Falling towers
Jerusalem Athens Alexandria
Vienna London

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I have had a manic several months recovering from an inspired and doubtless crazy chase for my soul and for foundations of a science of finance–a non-Markovian science of finance.  The latter is not crazy because Mandelbrot thought correctly but without solving the problem that the time series from finance had non-Markovian characteristics from his seminal 1963 paper on cotton prices where he advocated Levy stable distributions (whose pdf is not known explicitly but whose characteristic function or Fourier transform is e^{-c|\xi|^\alpha} and since of course physicists have fit these, as is already well-known, by truncated Levy flights).  Taking a vacation from this, I found today the neologism ‘nuiser’ which is a French word but which seems like it should have a English meaning that is not derived directly from the French.  Nuisance sounds like nuiser.  Nuiser.  Nuise-nuiser?  Or perhaps a noun.  Someone is a nuiser if he or she irritates some deep issues like a muckraker.  I am tempted to define a ‘nuiser’ in the Emersonian sense of conscience muckraker, someone who without worry or compromise and danger of social expulsion especially from the powerful who decide whose words are worth listening to and whose are not for they pose a ‘threat’ to society, a ‘nuiser’.  A nuiser is someone who does not give a flying fuck about credibility and speaks his truth loudly and clearly, and does not need to shake people’s hands like a new Diogenes Laertes.  I have been a nuiser because there is honor in honesty and knowledge from lived experience, from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and whatever is the lot of the powerless.  I happen to have an excellent education with Princeton, MIT, Columbia etc.on my resume but I have decided to pursue issues that have no credibility because credibility is suspicious and boring.  No intellect who cares about new spaces of exploration can be credible without deep compromise.  Emerson says the innermost in due time becomes the outermost and trust thyself.  New knowledge does not come form following the established paths but must come from internal paths and dark cellars of the soul.  There are millions of smart people paying attention to the material world and analyzing it in every which way but they are limited by walls in their own mind and do not dare to be honest for being tossed from their ledge in society if they cross real taboos and what is an intellect worth if taboos are not crossed.  I remember in my last day in San Francisco a masturbating loudmouth chastised me for the ‘need to speak’ as masturbation for half an hour of masturbation and then shook hands with the white people in the cafe I frequented including the weed merchant hippie telling me about Julian Jaynes and Descartes’ view about the seat of the soul recently, things that are obvious and I knew about since high school and then he pranced around to take a piss after shaking people’s hands.  This is how people are.  This is what society of credibility looks like.  It’s all show.  I spoke honestly about my hallucinations and visions of Hell which he dismissed as ‘paranoid schizophrenia’.  I realized that he was just another moron whose individuality consists of protecting ‘credibility’ without any insights or genius.  Psychiatrists know nothing of value about how the universe works.  They are just wardens protecting their social order by expelling dangerous minds who see more than others, just penal servants.  So a ‘nuiser’ could be someone who is a nuisance to the credible opinions of an age.

Let me then be a nuiser.  Julian Jaynes is an idiot.  There was no ‘transition’ from a ‘bicameral mind’ to anything different.  Society is still organized by auditory hallucinations and other forces that tap into every mind in the world but it is today not dead kings but the rulers of corporations and NSA and other modern versions of world control.  Your mind is corrupted by the ‘credible’ because whatsoever is credible is protected by the masters of the world.  Defy their wisdom and you will lose your life have FBI slam into your room and be thrown in your own country of America into some Federal asylum being drugged by Pfizer, ok?  Don’t tell me about credibilty.  Emerson has been killed in America, and he has been killed because he was a grave danger to the faux freedom of speech in America.  Speech is ‘bullshit’ or ‘dangerous’ when it goes against the voices in your head and these are not voices from the ‘media’.  Be a nuiser and break free in your mind I say.  Question your own deepest opinions because it’s there where you are the most pathetic of slaves.  Don’t lecture and humiliate people in public as masturbaters and then proceed to perform a public half hour masturbation.  It makes you look like a moron.

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A refined version of the ‘fundamental theorem of asset pricing’ is Delbaen-Schachermayer 1994 ftap-delbaen-schachermayer.  It says that no arbitrage in continuous time requires semimartingale models.  Therefore my various efforts to look at the massive evidence for non-Markovian behavior of actual data would seem misguided from the theory perspective, but measurements on actual data has to be accounted for.  Non-Markovian nature of the daily returns of 1900 stocks cannot simply be theorized away.  The simplest solution is to consider fractional diffusion models, i.e. model probability density function of the return process as D^\gamma_t p(x,t) + L_x p(x,t) = 0 whose corresponding stochastic process will not be Markovian and then approximate it by a diffusion scaled by t^{\gamma-1} as is done by Norros et. al. (norros-valkeila-virtamo-fbm see the last comments of the paper) where they approximate fractional Brownian motion by a martingale.  This is not satisfactory, but it does produce equivalent martingale measures without arbitrage.

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The ‘fundamental theorem of asset pricing’ refers to the connection between fair markets in the sense of no arbitrage opportunities existing in them and the existence of a probability measure under with the ‘deflated asset prices’ are martingales.  For a subtle and detailed discussion of the various ways in which there have been rigorous attempts to make this equivalence precise, see schachermayer-fundemantal-theorem-asset-pricing.  A mathematically precise proof of this theorem in a discrete time setting can be found in rogers-no-arbitrage-existence-martingale-measure-1994.   The focus has been on semi-martingales for the price process S(t).  Recall that the Black-Scholes-Merton framework is one where dS(t)/S(t) = d\log(S(t)) = \sigma(t) dB_t + \mu(t) dt which is obviously a semi-martingale.  But of course not many empirical price series are semi-martingales: the vast majority of assets are non-Markovian even for daily data.  Even though the autocorrelations of returns is negligible, the autocorrelations of their powers are not and have very slow decay even for daily data, and the Hurst exponents measuring deviation from Markovian processes is widely distributed far from H=1/2.  For a known Hurst exponent $H_0 = \gamma/2$ a class of models that take into account the non-Markovian aspect are those for which the probability density function p(x,t) evolves by a non-Markovian Fokker-Planck equation

D^\gamma_t p(x,t) + L_x p(x,t) (1)

where the operator L_x is the truncated Levy operator, i.e. one whose Fourier symbol is given by \psi_{\alpha,\chi}(\xi) with Levy index \alpha and cutoff parameter \chi (the untruncated version is simply -c|\xi|^\alpha and the truncation is a fine tuning that fits return tails better than the stable distributions originally proposed by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1963 for cotton prices.

Now we proceed to construct an equivalent martingale measure assuming that X(t) = \log(S(t))  has a probability density p(x,t) following (1).  We will follow the paper by Gerber and Shiu where they introduce the use of Esscher transform to determine an equivalent martingale measure and make appropriate changes to reflect the central feature missing for their arguments in this situation.  If M(z,t) = E[ e^{zX(t)}] is the moment generating function, then they are in the Markovian infinitely-divisible distribution case where M(z,t) = M(z,1)^t.  In our situation, we have instead M(z,t) = M(z,1)^{t^\gamma}.  In order to see this, note that one can solve (1) by taking Fourier transforms and the basic fact that fractional version of the exponential function solving D^\gamma_t f(t) + \lambda f(t) = 0 is given by the Mittag-Leffler function f(t) = E_\gamma( - \lambda t^\gamma), so the solution of (1) has Fourier transform \hat{p}(\xi,t) = \exp[ - \psi_\alpha(\xi) t^\gamma ].  Now the moment generating function for the stochastic process X(t) with density p(x,t) can be thought of as an imaginary Fourier transform:

M(z,t) = \int_y e^{zy} p(y,t) dy = \int_y e^{-i\(izy)} p(y,t) dy = \hat{p}(iz,t)

Now it is clear from the explicit expression for the Fourier transform that M(z,t) = M(z,1)^{t^\gamma}.  Now following Gerber and Shiu we introduce the density p(x,t,h) for a real valued parameter h>0:

p(x,t,h) = e^{hx}p(x,t) /\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} e^{hx} p(x,t) dx = \frac{e^{hx}p(x,t)/M(x,t)

The moment generating function for p(x,t,h) is

M(x,t,h) = M(x+h,t)/M(h,t) = ( M(x+h,1)/M(h,1))^{t^\gamma}

We need to solve the equation $e^{rt} = E^*[ e^{X(t)} ]$ which does not seem directly possible with only an Esscher transform independently of t.  On the positive side, Norros et. al. have shown that one can consider the transformation M_t = \int_0^t s^{H-1/2}(t-s)^{H-1/2} dB^H_t to produce a martingale.

Norros et al approximate an fBM B^H_t with Hurst exponent H by
(t^{2H-1}/const) G_t
where G_t is the martingalification of B^H_t.  Now the Esscher transform has the property M(1,t;h)=M(1,1;h)^{t^gamma} so we can look at
E[ exp(G(t)) ] ~ E[ exp(const t^{1-2H} X_t) ] = E[ exp( const*t^{(1-gamma)} X_t )]
for the Esscher transform of the process G_t instead of that of X_t (whose pdf is the solution of the fractional diffusion equation D^gamma + L_x = 0) .  Then we look at the Esscher transform with the constant h for X_t to look for a cancellation of t^gamma and get a martingale measure for G(t).  There is a martingale measure for G(t) anyway because it’s a diffusion.  So this could be the solution for an equivalent martingale measure.  Obviously with the explicit arbitrage examples for fBM one has to be careful but this approximation by diffusion is apparently quite good.
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