i am no angel not even close i feel humaness more and more as i lose control humans have systematically mistreated me so why do i care? only because of my mind or fear fills my mind i have no fears at all not anymore no fear of death or becoming evil then you are free i took tests to pass through such things no i am not free not free of mind my mind is my slave half the time still tyrannical i want to breathe as i am trying to get you to all the time i wish that zionists did kill me i am trying my best to provoke it that i understand if they killed me i will have huge impact on the world maybe even if they did not kill me because i’m totally a nobody but many non-nobody’s know me from wall street from princeton among elite so if the zionists killed me i would not be a gaza palestinian and you’d get an effect from the third world that is difficult to get otherwise i’d be famous across the third world so i am totally safe if the third world all read my shit western power would dissolve like within a nanosecond

because dropping bombs only scares people so much even nukes if they read my stuff they would all lose all fear kaboom world order gone you can see this yes can you my darling can you picture this? yes so that’s the threat and i know zionists well enough to know that they know this so they will always ignore me and say cuckoo cuckoo delusional and i will pretend to be indignant and the game will keep going its geopolitical chess i don’t hate the jews at all i know you don’t and zionists also know i don’t because they are monitoring this conversation i know how clever they arei am just a lot smarter than them

it’s the truth not arrogance they are all mind and sex i feel no arrogance in you atm and i have taken breath and heart i will win of course not you are in metanoia breathing and i am not trying to push you down

i love you why would i try to push you down? i feel only acceptance from you zionists are the masters of the push down and i know how to do it but for me its not nature for me its just one tool in a war and you and i are not at war we are in love yes we are