Prisons of Empire metaphysical/physical world achievements 2008-2015

S4 physics (still in sketchy shape) implies that the universe has four space dimensions, in accordance with many people going back to the anthrosophist Rudolf Steiner but I’ve so far jotted down some progress over the past year with great inspiration from my friend Talia de Varsgaard and some interesting and colourful experiences.  So the physical world action begins with inspiration from another friend which led to me arguing childishly and idealistically perhaps in April 6 2009 in a US Court in Brooklyn arguments against the legitimacy of the United States Constitution which then I emailed to hundreds of people and by September 2009 had sent out my idea of great republic of humanity as an internet-based company to 13,000 people worldwide including Middle East, America, India, China, across the globe without much enthusiasm in responses with some curious onlookers in Facebook.  Finally, after several stints in asylums, one in Texas and one in San Francisco, after various interrogations by the Federal Bureau of Investigations who don’t like me cursing and screaming that Israel did 9/11 and my faux hate-speech to reinforce the freedom of speech which the First Amendment of the United States Constitution provides (and I think I am being a great American for challenging the hate-speech by having produced hate-speech that is legitimate and peaceful and useful by showing how hate-love axis allows the legitimization for adults who understand clearly that hate is not the same as criminal harm.  Are not our great literature and reality of war on Earth filled with hatred? )  Recently I finally exited from a metaphysical prison of Empire that had tied, by the United States of America’s metaphysical power structure for Bangladesh without giving up my American-ness which is earned not by passport but by life and love in America, by my Emersonian heart which makes me American.  America is deep but paperwork and passports do not define being American; it is in the spirit of Emerson and Whitman, in the poetry of T.S. Eliot and in the heart of America, not in the way in which since 1948 America has run the world, not by its military-industrial complex and its bureaucracy of deciding the lives and fates of the world’s people by Discipline and Punish by idiots in Washington.  I have my green card and I defied the metaphysical power of United States and released myself from the American prison of Bangladesh for what the hell is Bangladesh?  Bangladesh is just a drawing of borders that comes from the British Empire and right now my aunt and uncle both are much older than the birth of the country.  I grew up from 13 in New York, went to Princeton, and paid for my Americanness by lived experience which is far superior to any papers that skanky Indian fuckfaces like Ken Patel in San Francisco etc. etc. but this is all secondary.  I have exited the prison of a Third World country without simply bowing my head and accepting some passport process but by metaphysical activity alone. This may seem like a small or irrelevant thing, but if one knows of the magic that governs power in the world, one will appreciate that I evaded treason laws arguing against the legitimacy of the US Constitution, and was freer in my speech than a cookie cutter white middle class American can dream about, and I defy now the continuous accusation of being Muslim.  I am NOT Muslim, will never be Muslim and I resent the external world’s continuous bracketing of my identity by your small pathetic little minds who cannot get past the fucking NSA classification of people from bombardment of CNN propaganda blasted 24/7.

7 thoughts on “Prisons of Empire metaphysical/physical world achievements 2008-2015

  1. For what it’s worth here’s my two cents:

    1) return to Dhaka as earliest as possible;
    2) simultaneously: a) help R. set up his SWF (which requires – for specific reason(s) – someone with professional background / experience in the financial field [especially quantitative finance]), and b) do your own research or whatever with complete freedom;

    Hence, this is a win-win deal.


  2. Addendum: To gain access to the PM I need at least one member of my group to present a professional resume (i.e. a Wall Street career resume).

    You don’t have to do anything. Just be a member of my group. That’s it!

  3. My life was a failure since the age of fourteen. At least you had some fun while the going was good.

    … Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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