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Machiavelli in our view is in our view the second greatest Vizier after Petronius and the greatest political thinker in West’s history.  Therefore as the idiot economists keep trying to salvage their stupid religion of utilitarian Sharpe-ratio maximizers assuming Greed drives human beings which they would wish for since Rothschild, Rockefeller and their clique of criminals conspired to take control of world’s money with their orchestration of the 1907 bank run through the Knickerbocker Trust had conquered the world and decided to enforce their ideas of rational man on the entire human race with Hellspawn Evil Money and all Economists are slavish worshippers of this order of ‘Greed is Human Nature’, found their bullshit fall apart when their favourite Jewish slaves put together LTCM with their little regression models and their rational derivative prices and endanger the system only to be rescued by their private bank Fed and so on.  So for the past few decades Behavioral Finance has popped up with Nobel Prizes to WEAKEN their toy models of Markovian finance and their Gaussian spreads and so people like Taleb made careers out of knocking out what was stupid already in 1900 during Bachelier’s time.  I have shown the world that ALL ASSETS have long memory in stochastic volatility bar none, and this shows that Benoit Mandelbrot was spot on in 1960s — I recommend people read Mandelbrot’s paper with Wallis at least.  Markovian finance is a fantasy tale.

So here is my work on calculating the fractional differencing parameter of ARFIMA models fit to daily returns of many assets before and after denoising by wavelet thresholding.  The LONG MEMORY is UNIVERSAL; Markovian models are all misspecified of financial return series and are used only because people made reputations on Markovian models and emperor has no clothes here either:


I mean if these morons want to study behaviorial models of irrationality they could just look at themselves in the mirror and asked why they keep fooling themselves with MARKOV MODELS?  Well so they are wrong.  We turn to someone with some clue, Machiavelli for models of man that make sense.

Human events ever resemble preceding times as they are produced by men who have been animated by the same passions and thus the same results.  Machiavelli model of man is invariant in historical time, not rational but acting by passions not reason.  So if we only used Machiavelli to model man, we might profit from the model of bounded rationality in the following formulation:  Rational by Necessity Driven by Passions.  Even Buddha, the premier passion-exorciser and empire-builder by new religion could not escape his own passions for Saviour-hood and Fire Sermons, so this type of model of man is more likely to fit the actual history of man.  But how do we DEFINE passions?  Here I would leave to discovery from data or more work; it is enough for us to knock these Rockefeller-Rothschild-Banker’s models of rational man and return to Passionate Man.  I mean since Jews took control of Washington and implemented Homeland Security fascism to mirror the obscenity they created in Palestine, we face the darkest tyranny in American history of mere 250 years.


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Mystical explanations are considered deep but they are not even superficial.

(Nietzsche, The Gay Science)

In defense of the mystic, I will say that the primier mystic is Rilke of Duino Elegies and he, like many mystics including me on many matters have an abhorrence for explanation of phenomena like poetry whose precious delicacy is violated which do not compel explanation although may sirenlike sing for interpretations all of whom are deadly traps.  They are aesthetic phenomena that communicate beyond the rational mind and attempt to store and transmit experiences that morons like Kant cannot fathom for these morons like Kant don’t have more than a fathoming stick like scientific geeks with too many pens in a pocket protector.  Artists are deep sea divers of the metaphysical internal universe which is at the same time the external universe who hunt and gather and return to us something other than explainables for what is explanation but a translation of something to a familiar and comfortable language, and what does the familiar language do to the great and the monumental.  Olympian Mansions of Gods explained by a kitchen maid will transform itself ingloriously into a kitchen.

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Machiavelli is in my mind the second-most brilliant Vizier in world history second only to Petronius under Nero;  Brzezinski and Kissinger and the rest of the lot of modern Viziers do not even come close.  We are fortunate to have Machiavelli’s advice for noble rulers in a simple format.  Both The Prince and The Discourses on Livy are in a simple format where the Title picks an issue and the body gives some examples from Ancient Rome and the recommendation to the ruler on what he or she should do.  It is a very natural question whether in any realistic simulation of the human world whether a ruler following Machiavelli’s advice literally would succeed in winning the entire world and producing a long-lasting governance that is good for the entire human race.  We live today in a very dark time when there is deep injustice and criminals running the world:  Zion Jews did 9/11 for control of Washington in 2001 over which I am particularly bitter because I am one of its collateral damage since they have decided to war against a billion poor Muslims to kill and destroy their societies and take their resources in Eurasia following some crazy divine script of their evil God from Old Testament.  But more generally power — geopolitical power — had concentrated over the past five hundred years in Europe which had plundered the world in the name of whatever they decided was best for them robbing and destroying using their superiority in killing machines.  By the time Titus Livius wrote his gigantic history of Rome, Rome had already existed for 744 years which is substantially longer than the entire white-European global dominance, rape, and plunder.  Therefore, it is still an interesting question for even intellectual curiosity whether we should fling out the negative criticism of Machiavelli along with negative criticism of Nietzsche and everything else that the textbooks produced in the white world orders for the past five centuries and seek to find some way of mending the human race from these monsters.

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Racists are inferior fuckfaces, we all know this.  They are intellectually retarded moronic fucktard dickwads, not just Khazar white cunt whore shithead racists but racists of all colors including purple-skinned ones.  In particular any moronic inferior insect feces who thinks that there are genuine multiple races in humanity are inferior turds who need to be exterminated.  Some of these punk ass mother fucking whore bitches have read ‘ubermensch’ the word and decided that Nietzsche, the greatest philosopher of the past five hundred years was talking about white supremacist turds.  Well, they should know that Nietzsche’s ubermensch was inspired by Emerson’s Over-Soul which is a notions having to do with spiritual rather than racial superior man.

The most interesting beginning start of Emerson’s essay Over-Soul is the specialness of certain moments in our lives than others:  Our faith comes in moments our vice habitual; yet there is depth in these brief moments which constrains us to ascribe more reality to them than all other experiences.  These moments of faith define for Emerson passage to a higher perception which have greater authority and consequence than others.  he thn proceeds to dismantle the straw man of empiricists in order to defend his idea of Over-Soul.  Note the non-racial character of this concept.  The ubermensch of Nietzsche is no blond beast aggressive horserider with a machine gun mowing down towns and villages in Eurasia.  He is a spiritually enlightened man.

Now let us quickly review the most radical anti-empiricism that thw world has ever seen due to Emerson from the same essay ‘The Over-Soul’:  The influence of the senses have in most men overpowered the mind to the degree that the walls of time and space have come to look solid, real and insurmountable, and to speak with levity of these limits, in the world, the sign of insanity.  Yet time and space are but inverse measures of the force of the soul.  A man is capable of abolishing them both.  I want to say clearly that I agree with Emerson to the extent that he wants man to remove from their minds the tyranny of time and space during their private or public moments of faith, but of course even my own anti-empiricism is a worship of the fundamental solid and eternal invariants like the direction of time in an infinite time universe.  If one wants to make claims of truth then extermination of time is not one of the options except from tyrannizing your mind.  The easier analog is money.  In this case we can even consider the absurdity of the power of money in the world where 99% are poor flinging feces in the face of people who believe that democracy has any truth to it.

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Theories of emotions based on whatever neurological model you produce will always fail in fundamental ways because the universe is four (macro-spatial) dimensions and while we have no real metaphysical science yet, you can model emotions intuitively as somehow ‘regime-based’.  Rilke writing Duino elegies understood the states of lovers; the empiricists cannot fathom it because they cannot reach the secstatic states of lovers as a state.  During heightened states our emotions tap into stronger currents and ride these a bit like a marijuana high but this is truly scientifically totally open terrain that neurology will not be able to reach no matter how clever their models.  Freud botched psychoanalysis in such a ghetto manner that the vocabulary is tainted by extremely stupid and plain horrid concepts.  Rilke should have been the premier psychoanalyst and Freud should have been aborted at birth sparing us from the ugly concepts of ‘ego’ and ‘id’.  Only an idiot child that is beaten into submission has an unaware id.  Human beings are far more self-aware than this mostly when they are not being fucked by the rich and the powerful who will reduce us to animals for their envy.

To fly on the wings gained from love is a wild experience for the unprepared and it is not very hard to destroy one’s life and be confused by a lowlife civilization as a disease or self-destruction of the gambler but it is health not disease.  The so-called fake reality of normality sustained by batons, pistols, guards and evictions, this is disease.  Lovers are the angels in Hell.

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So my ‘Hate Movement’ effort targeting Jews and Gentiles have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.   My hate speech (but not actual horrific physical bloodshed which plebians should be responsible for since I hate bloodshed near me) campaign had got at least five Facebook accounts permanently disabled since 2008 and the latest one attached to ‘canshoahsurvivereally@gmail.com’ remains active even after Facebook did not like and deleted from my timeline a well-aimed hate-bomb at a deserving Jew cunt snake-tongued lying bitch whore named Pamela Geller who spends her time lying like a whore about Muslims (today but could be YOU tomorrow).  Facebook deleted the offending post without disabling my account.  This is a great victory for Freedom of Speech in America and the world.

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If ANY TWO PEOPLE of SEVEN BILLION ever agree on anything at all, know with 100% certainty that some person like me created out of thin air a STORY that was ACCEPTED by the plebian moronic humans and this person was the PROPHET of a RELIGION that the two people happen to DEVOTEES of whether they like it or not.

REASONS are easy to invent for anyone who wants to find them; this is always a CREATIVE act always.  CAUSALITY itself is constructed and despite great efforts at trying to totally pin in down (beyond the type that can be partially fulfilled by physics theories such as g=9.8 m/s^2 and Newton’s laws).  Yes, deterministic MATHEMATICAL MODELS are pretty damn good for some of these projectile problems and does match some measurements quantitatively.  At the same time, EXISTENCE of deterministic phenomena in EXISTENCE does not imply necessarily the PREDICTABLITY of other phenomena.  The PREDICTABILITY of the stock market asset price movements is a highly fishy exercise as Scholes and his work with Long Term Capital Management showed.  He followed standard regression ideas and option pricing theory based on Gaussian Markov processes.  I have since shown that Markov Models for volatility are universally wrong by calculating Hurst exponent of thousands of stocks and finding evidence for long memory in all of them.  So deterministic mechanisms of the Newton-law type are not going to cut it for all of existence.  In particular, CAUSALITY is not a universal issue at all.  There is NO CAUSALITY in many highly complex systems of the deterministic type.  When CAUSALITY becomes a STATISTICAL ISSUE it is no longer CAUSALITY.  Without CAUSALITY in a deterministic system for all things, we must give it up as a fundamental concept.  FATE is stronger.  TIME has direction.  Therefore regardless of reasons, whatever happens at a moment is simply FATE without any fundamental CAUSES.  IDEOLOGY-bound humans have the OPTION of INVENTING REASONS for events.  if they CHOOSE to do so, they invent NARRATIVES from CAUSAL chains.  I have seen humans create some spectacular and interesting causal chains.  This is just CREATIVE FICTION.  It is ART.  Why should existence answer your and my ‘WHY?’ We have the habit, we curious humans, of asking ‘but why?’ since we were kids and our parents made up stories to keep us happy, they lied often maybe.  Why why?  What why?  You are wherever you are when your read this or decide not to.  That is your FATE.

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