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Gangraping a nun – monstrous. Do these Muslims think they get extra brownie points for that with Allah? Is it up there with killing a Jew? The Associated Press reports that two Muslims were arrested Thursday in the gang of rape of an elderly nun in a …



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  • Sanjeev B Sahay And, what is worse.., they wanted to implicate peace loving Hindus from adjoining areas for this heinous crime..!
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  • Lisa Chow Demented evil sickos
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  • Mohit Agarwal Muslims again behind a rape. Seems like their elementary education spoils them.
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  • Ian Maclean Fucking animals
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  • Aditi Vikramaditya They blamed it on hindus saying we aren’t torelant society..we raise our voices against rapes and barbaric acts of islam and they term us communal for defending our people.
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  • Mary Loftus Raping females of any age, any profession ensures when she dies she does not get to Heaven! Which makes one wonder, what are the 72 virgins that are awaiting these Moslem pigs!
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  • Gaurav SarCar Religion of PISS…..MUSLIMS are so PISSFULL……
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  • Mary Loftus In fact, a woman/female is raped before being executed to make sure Heaven is forever closed to her. This goes even if she is 12 or 112.
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  • Leefus Dreefus Put them i. General population…… and hand out dildos to thier wonderful cell mates
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  • Tessa Swensen What do you know about the reality of missiles launched from Palestine at Israel? You live in San Francisco! The city probably has a doctor who can help you with your crazy anger.


  • Zulfikar Ahmed JEWS KILLED JFK FOR Noooks Bitch. I don’t give a flying f*ck re Arabs. I want the FAKE SHOAH Bolocaust RAMMED up every JEWISH ASSHOLE on the planet.
  • Zulfikar Ahmed
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  • Roger Needow Don’t you all think that it is time to end the spread of Islam? What has Islam given to the west? Europe? And even India? Islam gives nothing to the world, but demands our respect. Muslims demand the freedom to practice Islam but at the same time terrorize and slaughter Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Sheiks. Enough is enough folks it is time to go after our governments and compel them to end Islam.
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  • Ahmadi Nedjad I noticed that on this page the majority of the members they are old persons…..it’s a page on facebook or Home for the elderly ???? hahahawowwww


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  • Mary Garza There is a special HELL for them! God will see to that!
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  • Delroy Cunningham Oh that , book MUSLIMS called the holy book n last message of ALLAH from God, THST allows them to kill JEWS, n CHRISTIANS , n MARY young girls, n rape other women , ah yes that book. Well, there is nothing holy about this book to do these things to innSee More
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  • Ronald Coon This is islam —– murder, r a pe, child enslavery, kill all infidels. This is islam and our leaders are supporting this evil. PRAY FOR THEIR SOULS. THE LAKE OF FIRE AWAITS.
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  • Marie Martin Oh they gonna be judged alright they just AIN’T GONNA GET 12 VIRGIN as rewards. They get to go straight to the gates of HELL where the old DEVIL himself will welcome them with open arms. Yup😈that him.
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  • Ana Garfield Sick, twisted , ugly people. Is Allah a monster demon
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  • Rod Cooper Savages

    Change the law so we can shoot musrats on sight. See More

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Saundra Hough It is a Christian Holocaust .Christians are being taken out from the world. Jews also being associated with the movement.

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A 1280×800 pixel black and white image will be called a wireframe image if it is generated as follows.  Choose N values t = (t[0],…,t[N-1]) from [0,2*pi] and coordinates x = (x[0],…,x[N-1]) from the uniform discrete distribution over the image.  Now for 0<=k<=N-1, at each x[k] place a line segment of length L and thickness ‘thick’ inclined by t[k] radians counterclockwise from the x-axis.
TASKS: (a)  Generation, (b)  Recognition (c) Animation of artificial wireframe images

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Ruth Porat, who joined Morgan Stanley in 1987, will become Google’s chief financial officer in May. Credit Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Google, which is facing questions about increased spending in the face of slipping prices for its ads, has turned to the big bank Morgan Stanley for its new chief financial officer, one of the most visible examples yet of the talent that has been flowing from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

Ruth Porat, Morgan Stanley’s chief financial officer since 2010, has been one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, and she will immediately become one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley, an industry that similarly has been criticized for its lack of gender balance.

Less than a decade ago, Wall Street firms were the premier destination for young college graduates and talented executives. More recently, though, the financial industry has been struggling to continue growing as it faces a raft of new regulations and a lack of public confidence as a result of the financial crisis.

Silicon Valley, on the other hand, has been growing rapidly and is snapping up much of the talent that used to end up on Wall Street.

“Smart people go to where they feel there is the most growth,” said Robert Reffkin, who left Goldman Sachs in 2012 after seven years at the firm to found a start-up, Compass, that is focused on real estate.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a premier source of young recruits, only 9.9 percent of undergraduates went into finance in 2013, compared with the 31 percent that took jobs on Wall Street in 2006, before the financial crisis. Software companies, meanwhile, hired 28.1 percent of M.I.T. graduates in 2013, compared with 10.5 percent in 2006.

Wall Street is certainly not hurting for talent. It remains the top destination at many business schools and is still one of the most selective industries for hiring. But in the past, banks had their pick of the top talent, even among programmers and mathematicians.

Google’s announcement of Ms. Porat’s hiring on Tuesday morning comes just two weeks after its current chief financial officer, Patrick Pichette, announced his retirement on the company’s social network, Google Plus, in an unusually personal message that jokingly cited his membership in the “Fraternity of Worldwide Insecure Overachievers.”

As Google’s principal liaison to Wall Street, Ms. Porat is inheriting a tricky position. Google in recent years has expanded into an array of speculative investments like self-driving cars, biotechnology and space travel. That wanderlust has made Wall Street nervous, especially since the company continues to make close to 90 percent of its revenue from advertising.

Growth in Google’s primary business, search advertising, has flattened out at about 20 percent a year for the last few years while the company’s financial results have failed to meet consensus analysts’ expectations for five straight quarters. And the company’s dominance of the search business is expected to erode as more Internet traffic shifts to mobile devices. Google is expected to claim about 72 percent of the overall search market this year, but that share is projected to drop to 66.7 percent by 2016, according to the research firm eMarketer.

Of particular concern to investors, Google’s research and development spending increased to $2.8 billion in its most recently reported quarter, from $2.1 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

Unlike many large companies, Google does not give quarterly earnings guidance, and the company has routinely been asked if it has any plans to distribute some of its $65 billion in cash.

For now, at least, analysts are optimistic that Ms. Porat’s Wall Street background and big company pedigree will make her more receptive to their concerns. Google shares were up about 2.7 percent in midday trading after Ms. Porat’s appointment was announced.

“I expect she’ll be more investor friendly than Google traditionally has been,” said Ben Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie Securities. “I would imagine that’s one of the reasons Google chose her.”

Ms. Porat, 57, who started at Morgan Stanley in 1987, will be succeeded by Jonathan Pruzan, who has been overseeing the bank’s work advising other financial institutions.

During the financial crisis, Ms. Porat was a top figure in Morgan Stanley’s efforts to advise the government on its dealings with A.I.G. and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2013, she was on a short list of people being considered for deputy Treasury secretary, but she eventually asked for her name to be withdrawn.

In the 1990s, Ms. Porat was the co-head of Morgan Stanley’s technology investment banking group. She attended Stanford University and said in statements on Tuesday that she was eager to get back to California. Her father was an engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator and Ms. Porat and her husband recently established the Dan Porat Fellowship at the university in his name.

“Growing up in Silicon Valley, during my time at Morgan Stanley and as a member of Stanford’s board, I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand how tech companies can help people in their daily lives. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get started,” Ms. Porat said in the announcement released by Google.

Ms. Porat will be the first woman in Google’s senior ranks, and the fourth in the company’s Google’s 20-member senior leadership team, which includes Susan Wojcicki, chief executive of YouTube, Lorraine Twohill, Google’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, and Rachel Whetstone, senior vice president for policy and communications.

Several of the most prominent women in technology are former Google executives, including Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook, and Megan Smith, the U.S. chief technology officer.

There has been significant turnover among top financial executives in the technology industry over the last year. Apple and Amazon recently filled chief financial officer positions through internal promotions while Uber, the ride-hailing company, is on the hunt for a new finance chief. Twitter last year hired Anthony Noto, a former Goldman banker, as its financial boss.

Ms. Porat will officially succeed Mr. Pichette at Google in May.

At Morgan Stanley, Mr. Pruzan, 46, has established himself as an expert in dealing with the Federal Reserve stress tests and other regulatory issues that have become the dominant concern among bank executives.

Morgan Stanley’s chief executive, James Gorman, wrote in a memo to the bank’s employees that Mr. Pruzan “understands the current regulatory environment.”

“He brings both great technical skill and proven leadership,” Mr. Gorman wrote.

Mr. Gorman has been aggressively repositioning Morgan Stanley to suit the new priorities of regulators after the financial crisis, in large part by emphasizing Morgan Stanley’s wealth-management division. The firm, though, has struggled to bring up profitability to match competitors.

“These changes are part of our continued path forward from a period of repositioning to a period of growth,” Mr. Gorman wrote.

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Technical fields don’t speak English.  They speak JARGONESE of which the greatest talents in creating complicated jargon goes to biochemists who have special unbreakable teeth and need the illusion of speaking their jargon fast to get tenure anywhere.  Now a good thing about biochem jargon is that they are almost universally unique in the sense that their vast taxonomy specifies objects well.  Mathematics and physics have had the opposite habit often where their being-in-love-with-parsimony leads them to corrupt the English language by borrowing and totally changing the meaning of specific words with no sensitivity or care for the poor English speakers.  Examples are ‘perverse sheaves’ in algebraic geometry, the trillion uses of the word ‘prime’, calling everything ‘Gaussian’ or ‘Euclidean’ or whatever.  Mathematicians, for all their faults, cannot be faulted with lack of jargonese imagination.  They’ve taken over ‘manifold’ and ‘variete’ and made it seem like Lie created symmetry in this universe — which may or may not be true since Lie was more competent than the Jewish and Christian and Muslim God and deserved to have created symmetry more.

The ‘Tech Buzz Disambiguator Server’ is an idea of a server that parses MATHEMATICAL and SCIENTIFIC sentences determining from context which subfield the statement belongs to.  This determination also prunes vastly the possible MEANING of the statements.

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MG:  So if your damn programming language W is truly capable of modeling mathematical objects perfectly and naturally then why don’t you query the object all_the_zeros_of_Riemann_zeta_function_on_the_complex_plane for its intersection with the line s=1/2 and it’s complement?

CSG:  Well that’s hardly a fair question.  It is your job to answer that sort of question and you are the incompetent fucks who cannot answer simple questions in your field and are like little babies who refuse to even add numbers without relying on a computer, so fuck you.  We have, from the late 1950s when engineers in Texas were building chips to now when people routinely do sophisticated statistical analysis on terabytes of data, been developing better languages although Lisp still wins the AI competitions.  So why not ask for a fair mapping for math objects to software objects?

MG:  Well, you’re arrogant but not totally evil and worthless.  We’ll let you live.


We also like the fact that all objects in your python language have COMPARISON operators that are overloadable so that many set operations and ordering and equality checking can be implemented for MATHEMATICAL OBJECTS.  Let us explore what you have done that’s any good.


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Stillness wobbles teetering at the brink of turbulent wails

Of longing in my heart casting out all good advice

Of siren songs seductive sweet poisonous melody of ancient loves

Lady of the night, when the wind’s own forget-me-nots blew

And I was floating gently breathing on your ocean skin

Ripples and you liked tender caresses of gentle wind then and slow time

Oh darling crystalline clear blue warm Mediterranean body

That hides your molten furnaces buried and locked deep within your heart

I bring you Autumn during April showers and lose my self control

At the tears of many trysts and partings that the mystics attribute

To the heartless clockwork

And without your love for too many winters

The percussion of time itself had become the toy tin drum

Repeatedly beaten without hope without life

Tinny echoes that turned a living boy into


With a longish nose

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We need Objects in Moebius art carefully selected, rescaled to 1280×800 pixeled, named and stored with ID as filename a secure storage area on the web.  We can do it in a series of steps by GIMP scripting.

(a) user selects 2K points on a 1280×800 image record them in a file

(b) write code that takes 2K points and creates object image files with unique ID names save these to persistent storage with appropriate filename

(c) Ensure the possibility of multiple images for the same fundamental object

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