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the good old days the honest man the restless heart, the Promised Land broken wrist and a big trapeze the teenage queen, the loaded gun the drop dead dream, the Chosen One a southern drawl a world unseen a city wall and a trampoline a subtle kiss that no one sees and i tiresias have foresuffered all enacted on this divan or bed i who have sat by thebes below the wall and walked among the lowest of the dead


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HTML as natural language

The explosive web made it impossible for pedantic coding linguists of the legislative character to enforce the evolution of HTML. Things seem different for C++ for example for which Bjarne Stroustrup wrote an entire book on the design and evolution; Stroustrup worked at Bell Labs if memory serves and I umagine the academic ivory tower serenity that created C++ while HTML grew in a public sphere driven by many needs and opi ions of various groups one could akin to the siciology of science but without the comfort of specialization where a chemist could live his or her entire life without giving a damn about whether quantum chaos is a real phenomenon. But tis note is from my attempts to absorb the ways of a web specialist looking at HTML5. I have been reading the excellent articles in xx. Every element of HTML5 has been fought for and the issues of browser support is irrelevant already at least if we focus on wine consumers who are going to have a
Android or iOS or Mac OS Linux Windows. So HTML is similar in evolution to a natural language like English and although I qill never have time for it all the machinery of language analysis from Foucault Derrida and Bakhtin could be used on it. For the contract if DarkAngelsTecht LLC with First Wines and Spirits we have more than HTMLt as we have some website templates which show how complex sentences are constructed with HTML5 and other tools for real functionality.

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we are horus ptah gunga sun king amun ra astral black angel king lucifer god down lionheart heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat breathe in the air we’re radio Active Radioactive radio ga ga tuning to but beam from some supercluster we are warnings of a dolphin whalesong echoed over eons google echo morphed from thought of dreamers sho made the world

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Long before the Church could permanently monopolize red wine symbology with Christian ceremonies in Ancient Egypt royalty was being buried with the prized Shedeh.  it seems that for a long time scholars were confused about whether Shedeh was pure grape wine or something also containing pomegrates — the latter was assumed on whatever basis.  The interesting tidbit is that it is lab research from 1995 that resolved this problem by mass spectrometric analysis of the Shedeh and using some techniques developed to analyze archaeological wine to determine that in fact pomegranate components did not exist and that Shedeh is purely red grape wine.

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Adventures in wines

I love dry full bodied wines and for many years Chilean rioja was a staple for me before the turbulence in my life since 2008 which seems to have subsided now that I feel comfortable with establishing with Peter Ogilvie the startup DarkAngelsTecht LLC.  In San Francisco I am reintroducing myself to wines with a bit more awareness because wine drinking has been a sacred act from antiquity.  The Greeks worshipped Dionysus and Bacchus and of course Dionysus looms large as an art god for any devotee of Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy or Beyond Good And Evil where Dionysus is clearly Nietzsche’s candidate for the Antichrist Redeemer the genius of the heart.  I was looking at the wine cellar application on my Android to decide what sorts of features would make a good wine website for our client and these things cannot be fully understood without experience so I went to the Mediterranean restaurant near El Capitan where I live in San Francisco and asked for two wines not from the United States that are dry full bodied on the bitter side.  The choices offered was Lebanese and an Argentine Malbec the latter of which I gained some attachment to from nostalgic memories of youthful marriage years ago to Natalia Brizuela as I still remember clearly my trip to Vicente Lopez sometime in 1997 when I could not return to the United States for months without a Permanent Residency Card.  Subjective evaluations are dominant in all consumption but in the case of wine the issues are more interesting because the first known winery was in Armenia from around 4100 BC when winemaking was already mature.  Wine production and consumption predates modern capitalism by millenia so there is good reason to believe in this case for the project we are working on the best strategy must include the issue of expert knowledge on the refined nuances in wines — of which I confess ignorance–that so fascinate the passions of wine enthusiasts that they are willing to search the world for their refined demands.

From the practical point of view of building a website or more generally a software solution for a wine distributor or retailer thus face penalties for ignoring the tastes of wine connosseurs.  Anyone with serious interest in wines will have high standards and reject dealing with services over the web quickly.  We have some idea of what the websites that pass the muster for wineries.  At the same time the site should not be intimidating for a new wine drinker such as myself at least relatively.

A wine distributor faces a serious hurdle versus a wine producer in getting attention on the web in that the uniqueness of the winery can be marketed for a single or few labels while the distributor does not have the same type of reaction branding themselves.  In a related area of book trade where connosseurship is a factor I know off the top of my head that if I walk into a bookstore and say I cannot locate what I consider basic such as Rilke or Shakespeare or good authors I will probably walk out and forget about the store.  On the web I look for books in scribd.com and a few other sites and keep away from many sites because I can trust that for the refined needs I have for books some venues are higher quality than others and I also don’t want the hassle of having various malicious sites get my credit card info without having any guarantees that they can be trusted to deliver any product at all.  These examples pop into my mind from ignorance of the arena of interest which is wine consumers and the requirements of a website to at least not contain flaws that will ensure that the reaction of the consumers will be negative.

Even as a beginning wine drinker I can say that the the type of grapes and geography is extremely important for wine consumers along with year and it is safe to assume that prices are not universally important for the consumers but that there have been some organized efforts to make wine connosseurship accessible in brackets such as $20.  Tonight I bought two wine bottles for $75.00 which I will not charge the client but will consider it as a business expense for tax purposes and failing that as personal expense from earnings of partners of DarkAngelsTecht LLC which is crystallizing in my mind slowly.   I took some photos of the wines which I will place below in this page sometime.

Looking for good wine resources I found what looks like a good comprehensive database which is used by actual Android applications, snooth.com.  In the coming week as we incorporate DarkAngelsTecht LLC and we work towards a formal proposal for the website project I will spend some time to get some better feel for the world of wines and the peculiar humans who have passion for these delicacies.


Wine played an important role in ancient Egyptian ceremonial life. A thriving royal winemaking industry was established in the Nile Delta following the introduction of grape cultivation from the Levant to Egypt c. 3000 BC. The industry was most likely the result of trade between Egypt and Canaan during the early Bronze Age, commencing from at least the 27th-century BC Third Dynasty, the beginning of the Old Kingdom period. Winemaking scenes on tomb walls, and the offering lists that accompanied them, included wine that was definitely produced in the delta vinyards. By the end of the Old Kingdom, five distinct wines, probably all produced in the Delta, constituted a canonical set of provisions for the afterlife.

Wine in ancient Egypt was predominantly red. Due to its resemblance to blood, much superstition surrounded wine-drinking in Egyptian culture. Shedeh, the most precious drink in ancient Egypt, is now known to have been a red wine and not fermented from pomegranates as previously thought.[19] Plutarch‘s Moralia relates that, prior to Psammetichus,[disambiguation needed] the pharaohs did not drink wine nor offer it to the gods “thinking it to be the blood of those who had once battled against the gods and from whom, when they had fallen and had become commingled with the earth, they believed vines to have sprung”. This was considered to be the reason why drunkenness “drives men out of their senses and crazes them, inasmuch as they are then filled with the blood of their forbears”.[20]

Residue from five clay amphoras in Tutankhamun‘s tomb, however, have been shown to be that of white wine, so it was at least available to the Egyptians through trade if not produced domestically.


The Argentine Malbec I bought today I would pair with even some rudimentary history. The idea is sketchy and perhaps not appropriate for the scope of this project but we will have a better idea in a couple of weeks after looking through the template websites.

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It is not completely irrational that humans on Material Plane Planet Earth Milky Way Galaxy had developed various ‘white man cometh’ mythologies by a cursory glance say at Noam Chomsky’ detailed and reasonably good history of imperialism but simply because it’s rational does not give such mythologies escape subtler issues such as without diminishing the heights achieved by the Hindus and others none could have led directly to the sublime reached by Shakespeare and Percy Bysse Shelley whose Alastor could be considered as the antidote to loneliness which Leonard Cohen might link to sin and holiness

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