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Nothing that I could say on Facebook or on a blog–and I have said quite a few things–could end the ‘war on terror’ or Zionism better than what Israel is doing in Gaza. The fundamental signal that I was not deluded when I chose to turn sharply against Zionism from 2009 with Operation Cast Lead and predicted its demise is that American Jews are turning against Zionism significantly.


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One of the motivations for S4 physics was objective metaphysics.  I have exerted an enormous amount of personal effort to understand this through my own metaphysical or internal experiences.  Standard three-dimensional physics would suggest that all internal experiences are due to brain activity but I believe that this is an experience in a four space dimensional universe with matter that is not tabulated by the Standard Model of physics.  This is not a completely new idea: Nietzsche had suggested that the universe is composed of atoms of ‘will to power’ which jibes with the sort of matter with which one can interact with.  I can sometimes hear voices from either specific people or beings unknown — it is possible that these are self-delusional but I am a careful observer of my own conscious thought and those that are quite alien to me.  One analogy is Julian Jaynes’ theory of development of consciousness from auditory hallucination.  These are fleeting but distinct.  Sometimes they could be the judgment or opinion of individuals that I have interacted with in the physical world.  For example, it could be a private judgment like ‘psychopathic’ about me and I can hear that.  Sometimes there are clear images of human beings in symbolic caricature.

What does S4 universe have to do with this phenomenon?  First, the mathematical picture of an S4 universe is very abstract and might lead one to suspect that a four dimensional universe is ‘open and empty’ but the actual experience of four dimensional reality is quite dense and difficult to traverse.  I can describe the voices in my head in terms of passage through tight tunnels where I can literally hear some judgments or thoughts.  Thus I suspect that telepathy is possible but not simple to describe.  I have no experiemental knowledge whatsoever that this is reproducible in controlled experiments but nevertheless I can make the reasonable deduction still that telepathy cannot be understood with a theory of electromagnetism that is a U(1) gauge theory, essentially because metaphysics exists in the lack of a U(1) gauge symmetry in an S4 universe.

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I delve into territory that is marked taboo and could be misconstrued as antisemitism, for example considering the issue of details of the Holocaust and specifically whether the use of possible excesses in the standard account that is used for population control by Zionist leaders. This is not because I hate the Jews. Actually I like many Jewish people, consider Kafka to be one of the greatest of the writers in history, my childhood idol was Richard Feynman, many of my teachers were and are Jewish. But I seek to understand truth, and feel that I exist and live to fix the world in ways that I can understand. I am familiar with long historical suffering of Jews in Europe of persecution and I am familiar with the standard account of the Holocaust. I am disturbed by the sense that I get from the discourse that suggests that the experience of Holocaust is a sufficient weight to justify enormous suffering sustained by the Palestinians at least since the occupation from 1968 but longer oppression going back to 1947-8. I am glad that so many good-hearted Jewish people have begun considering the suffering of Palestinians as well as the need to find a genuine solution to the conflict. I believe it when I say we are not Jews or Muslims or Christians but human beings and we need to find a path to a better world generally. I am open about my opposition to Zionism and this opposition is more generally against all nationalisms so there is nothing specifically anti-Jewish about it. In fact my position that Mossad did 9/11 is not about Jewish people per se either but based on my analysis that–similarly to how national actors engage in activities for increase in power and influence–this was a strategic decision. I despise all sorts of racially based hatred, having been the victim of numerous ugly encounters since 9/11 in America for being dark-skinned in America; I would not want the same to happen to anyone in the world. I don’t support Israel at all, in its concept and its historical decisions regarding the native Palestinians and fully support the idea of a one-state democratic solution with equal rights for all.

In geopolitical intrigue the humanitarian considerations have always been secondary and other issues such as power and wealth had been primary. I am rational enough to understand this and try to take the Brzezinskian sort of chess view sometimes. I consider it a masterful slip of Israel to conflate Judaism and political Zionism (especially for the ordinary people in the west) which allows them to undertake cold geopolitical actions with the aversion to antisemitism that people have for excellent reasons human and historical. I am sympathetic to the aversion myself. I have no wish to mistreat or persecute anyone, gentile or Jew or to denigrate anyone. Dignity is a human right. I believe it is a strategy of political Zionism to crush the natives of Palestine (if the late Benzion Netanyahu’s horrific views about Arabs is anything to go by) with extreme prejudice. This is not how Jews I have met are in America; this is not how Americans I have met are generally. There is now quite a bit of direct analysis of racism in Israel by TRNN and others.

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The ‘war on terror’ is an elaborate construction and Sniegoski in The Transparent Cabal gives many details of Israeli contribution to its creation. Ehud Barak was one of the first people to respond to 9/11 on mass media describing a ‘global war on terror’. It is not very difficult to make the case that it was also of Zionist origin. The recent massacre in Gaza that killed around 900 civilians is the de facto end of the ‘war on terror’, and perhaps this is one of the significant contributions that I can make to the world having expended a substantial portion of my efforts since 2008 on the internet with geopolitical commentary. This is an insight that gives me some optimism regarding the turbulence of my life since 2001: that there is a deeper explanation for how the world had sunk into a hellish nightmare with this ‘war on terror’ not just for the Middle East but in random denigrating general treatment in America.

So what is the insight? It is the understanding that this Gaza massacre is the turning point for the ‘war on terror’ because the psychological barrier of Americans to overcoming the conditioned and rational aversion to the fear of being or being considered anti-Semitic is lowered sufficiently to accept the possibility that 9/11 was a Mossad operation which I think is the best explanation given what I have learned over the years. There are widespread protests by Americans including Jews in New York against Israel, which reinforces what was already clear for several years, that there is a deep rift between Jews and Zionism. What is new is that the idea that Mossad did 9/11 is not considered to be anti-Semitic by many people and in my opinion it is not: Mossad is an organ of Israel and does not represent Jews or ordinary Israelis any more than CIA represents ordinary Americans.

Americans will chew on the issue of Mossad involvement in 9/11 and the rest of the world will be chewing on whether Israel is worse than Nazi Germany. This latter is inevitable with concrete analogs in Nazi bombing of Guernica in 1937 and correspondent dehumanization. The main point of mine is that this is the de facto end of the ‘war on terror’ conceptually. The ‘war on terror’ was an idea that arose from Israel which is argued in Sniegoski’s book but is also evident from the Israelis arrested by FBI immediately after 9/11 who said that the Palestinians were the problem. This is an effort that needs continuous justification. Americans are war-weary and despite the massive destruction and casualties in Iraq for which Americans need to justify it to themselves (if they identify with nationalism) the life in the 9/11 truth movement suggests that there is a serious interest in uncovering the issues surrounding that event, which I believe will lead immediately to direct involvement of Mossad and Israel.

In these large-scale issues the idea of a conclusion from a detailed analysis is prohibitively expensive in terms of resources and effort of a single person but we can still stand on intelligent observations and deductions. Although Bush was the mouthpiece and figurehead for the ‘war on terror’, if we follow the interests and development of this direction we can see that the defense industry and imperial interests benefited generally from it but concretely we can see that Israel is the world’s capital of Homeland Security industries from the work of Shir Hever.

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Since Mossad did 9/11 for the Greater Israel project, the Zionists took control with some minor difficulties to make a very long story short.  Obviously they don’t want the Palestinians at all and want to keep the Biblical Greater Israel for possible posterity.  So it comes as quite a bit of surprise that Brzezinski threatened that the US will support the recognition of a Palestinian state.  My interpretation is that the WASPs are attempting to regain control.  Of course one does not expect a substantially better future for the entire human race if they do but one can expect some peace.

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I am a skeptic by nature, at least for all things I have not accepted with my usual scrutiny and errors. Deep skepticism on some issues had rewarded me well with new paths to understand truth. With human drama things get complicated. But a few things I have learned suggest that quite often power behind political formations think very differently from their adherent members. It is considered generally to be extremely antisemitic to provoke the account of the Holocaust. There are I think philosemitic reasons to ask for some better understanding of what happened. It seems quite possible that the Zionist leadership had strategic interests in doctoring some part of this history. Winners of wars write history, and they write history with political aims in mind. I think one of the most interesting ways in which it becomes possible to understand the issue of possible propaganda excesses of the Second World War is by the imaginative reflection of Stanley Kubrick in A Clockwork Orange, the Ludovico technique for forced watching of scenes of violence under a drugged state. Conditioning by propaganda is the norm of any state but in this case there is a excess that is different, the belief that one’s people were literally the target of extermination. All sorts of people have made gestures of extermination, including the right wing rabbi Dov Lior with respect to Gaza quite recently. I have not yet succeeded in making sense of whether there was an actual extermination attempt by the Nazis yet. I have seen evidence of mass deaths in concentration camps and the rest of the showcase which do suggest severe oppression, ethnic cleansing etc. but one has one’s own sense of the border between the horrific truth and the possible doctoring to useful population control propaganda. I don’t think the fictional imaginary Ludovico technique is a solid basis for any significant understanding but it is potent as an artistic view of the possible. Needless to say I don’t ‘hate the Jews’ which seems to be one of the favorite knee-jerk reactions (although I do note that ‘you hate the Palestinians’ has not quite gathered the same level of perceived effectiveness). Long live good-and-evil stories that people can live by.

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Ancient skepticism of Sextus Empiricus has the concept of skepticism as a sort of equilibrium of different positions which lead to a calmness of mind, ataraxia. International law is impotent if enforcement is not feasible. This has been the guiding principle of Zionist geopolitics from the very beginning, and therefore it is natural to conjecture that one of the reasons for Mossad to conduct 9/11 is to push deeper levels of the human psyche. So where is the skepticism? For quite a few years I generally accepted the bin Laden story without much scrutiny but then once I began digging, even sloppily, into the issue, first there was skepticism of the bin Laden story and then clear competing hypotheses. International law with any sense has to be founded on universal ideals for legitimacy but a fascist ideology of power would naturally go against this. I would love to reach some level of skepticism leading to this ataraxia on this issue but at the moment I suffer from the delusion that the world is intelligible and rational geopolitical calculations without any regard for human lives or international law would clearly explain the motives for 9/11.

Now assuming that I am right about this, the interesting question is whether the planners of 9/11 (and the subsequent mayhem and wars directly or indirectly) are right about nature and human nature. I will posit the motivation was imperial power and sweeping destruction of Islam (the Greater Israel plan is more clear and detailed but details are not important for my point). So we have a Darwinian view of human society: the strong survive, the weak are annihilated, say. Perhaps a modified form where one adds some sort of divine will for who has fundamental right to survive. My own experiences in America since 9/11 contain many episodes suggesting that I happen to fall in the ‘to be nixed’ category. The recent Gaza massacre is a calculated pressure to legitimize global fascist oppression.

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