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Religions fill up a natural human need for a complete picture of existence. The religions are strategically created as ideologies with a number of deep thrusts into the human consciousness. These features of the construction of religion are most clearly exhibited by the holocaust religion which might be one of the most innovative approaches to construction of a new religion far outstripping the new age constructions in its resilience.


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Anyone who has true left in them cannot possibly tolerate nationalistic racism and extreme repression of the occupied Palestinians.  The issue is powerful enough that despite many hurdles the BDS movement had affected the European union into putting sanctions on Israel.  But the existence of this repression I think also serves to wake up the left in America which had been destroyed from the time of McCarthy.  It will be interesting to see how this develops.  I now see more high quality articles in Veterans Today and elsewhere supporting that Zionists did 9/11 and I also contended Cole.  So there is a possibility in a left/right schism on Israel.  But we are dealing with messianics on the right who support the Zionist project.  Anyway I sincerely hope American left wakes up.

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In dramatic tragedy, especially Greek dramatic tragedy we might be looking at the DNA of conscious existence. Human limits are stretched in the Aeschylus’ Prometheus. Nietzsche spoke of this but I think we can attempt to consider human drama as the mixture of primordial drama, drama of the gods.

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I don’t think I have expressed my gratitude sufficiently for The Real News Network which has become my standard source of news, and this is not just because of the superb and informative coverage of the ailments of Israeli occupation often done by the brilliant Shir Hever.  When I looked myself at the map of Israel several years ago and confirmed to myself that the Zionist project has from its birth been an expansionist project, that the Zionists had never intended to settle for the 1949 or the 1967 lines, and they have forced a situation where the two-state solution will not be stable, one solution had been the one-state solution but with equal democratic rights for everyone.  There have been two conferences on this solution, the second of which took place in Stuttgart Germany and covered here.

The one-state solution internalizes the aggressive content of Zionism while allowing the resulting state to have positive influence eastward.  It would immediately transform the political landscape of the region obviating much of the aggressive character of the region.  With the Palestininans in a state without the persistent political oppression of the past sixty years the rhetoric and the activity of groups like Hezbollah would diminish.

Now I believe the Zionists invented the War on Terror and implemented it through their puppet Bush, that Zionists did both USS Cole and 9/11 for a messianic conflict spanning the Middle East — the neocons had plans for regime change in seven Muslim countries.  The destruction of Babylon was as messianic a war as one can imagine.  It is also not true that Iran is a messianic and apocalyptic state and I personally attribute the alleged Iranian messianic propaganda of the coming of the Mahdi and marching to take Jerusalem and so on to Israeli propaganda.  For anyone who has seen the fake bin Laden confession, this is not very far-fetched.  Actual Iranian propaganda is much more anti-imperialist and similar to Russian propaganda seen in Russia Today.  Iran was not working on a nuclear bomb since 2003 and they have been under scrutiny the entire time because Zionists came up with the Iraq and Iran WMD fabrications.

Returning to the issue of a one-state solution, I think it can be stable and secure and it is only fair to the Palestinians who have suffered a great deal for the Zionist racist ideology.  This ideology needs to go.

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The universe has four macroscopic spatial dimensions and is in fact shaped as a four-dimensional sphere.  It is a geometric error of assuming it to be a flat three dimensional space which leads to the redshift.  These I have written about.  I have speculated that four dimensional matter is missing from the Standard Model, that Maxwell’s equations are restrictions of extended laws of electromagnetism by following logic rather than by inventive extravaganza.  Speculatively, then we have with this matter ability to consider the question of reality of dreams.

Dreams are obviously not real in terms of straightforward occurrence in the physical world.  I posit that they can be real in terms of occurrence in some space within the objective universe with participants all or some of whom have physical incarnation.  This claim is not new for some experiences which are like dreams.  The historian Ginzburg has an account of the testimony of people accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century where this sort of phenomena is reported.  But my interest is in dreams rather than magic.

My own dreams for the past few years  had a few features that make me consider them to be real in this sense.  They have typically taken place in complex urban landscape that are similar in feel to actual urban landscape in the physical world with subtle differences which makes me consider them to be symbolic.  They have often involved many participants, people I have never met in the physical world but who feel very real and non-symbolic.  Although I have not attempted to verify or search for these people, which is difficult to do as I almost never gather their names, I assume that they are representations of actual people.

Beyond these basic observations, which are coherent precisely because the universe has four spatial dimensions, and it is plausible because of this to have methods of joint interactions in dreams of people who are widely separated possibly geographically, the questions of what the purposes or functions of such dreams could be is open.

One constant in my dreams of interest — those which are interactions with real people — is that they are always preceded by moving through thick spirit material. Movement is difficult and requires complex breathing techniques one develops from experience. The normal procedure is an hour or variable period of these movements to ‘free up’ the surrounding space, then sleep and then dream. The analogy of moving through muck to reach islands of interesting dreamscapes is partly right, but sinking into deeper regions by sleep is also right.

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We live in one of the most unenlightened phases of human history where on one hand we have a sterile science that cannot make fundamental progress because it has laid its foundations on an empiricism that is ossified and does not budge when clear evidence has been uncovered for a four dimensional universe (the crystallographic restriction does not allow three spatial dimensions with plethora of crystals found with 5, 8, 10 and 12 fold rotational symmetry since early 1980s).  On the other hand we have the dominance of the Abrahamic divine ideologies which are repetitive and leftover bronze age technologies that offer no new insights about how to restructure human society.  Within this limited band of ideologies we also live in the world order which has seen global power concentrated to institutions with no accountability with the American global hegemony of 1945 with the fabrication of a Cold War and a planetary military empire with brutal use of military power to squash human life throughout the planet for resource control with recent example of Egyptian coup as a footnote in its operations.  We have an inertial population in America who react to stimulus slowly in no small part because of the oppressive economy where survival itself is a chore.  All this produces for me a feeling of intense claustrophobia.  My own solution is to seek a way out through a remapping of reality which is four dimensional, by exploring the collective content and novel possibilities in the four dimensional drama of dreams which are prefigured in some artistic movements in the past but with emphasis on the limits of the possible in a world that empiricists limit from their ideological foundations.  I think we should consider the collection of ideologies together when considering them.  Of course on a more local level, Zionism is the most overtly atrocious example of this configuration of ideologies because it is primitive tribalism expressing itself on the scale of global power; it is doubtful for me whether either Christian or Islamic global hegemony could express itself any worse on a global scale because these latter ideologies have been forced to rise out of tribalism which Zionism has not and it embraces as diaspora tribalism explicitly.


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I learned recently that NSA, whose plans and practice of global surveillance has been recently exposed by Edward Snowden, is the owner of the largest group of supercomputers in the world.  It struck me as an interesting coincidence that last year, while I worked for Stanford statistics professor David Donoho and came up with the idea of a company to provide affordable supercomputing via clouds to the world, a democratization of supercomputing is a pecular juxtaposition.  In the sciences, supercomputing is often necessary both for individual matrix computations of large sizes as well as large arrays of computations for parametric studies.  For this problem, I have come to learn of the Swift scripting language and other infrastructure already available for parallel computations.  But just as computers in public use have brought with it need for more cpu-power, supercomputing and parallel computations, if cheaply available, could bring with it entirely new technologies.  The infrastructure of cloud backend and mobile frontend provides a new universe of applications that use parallel computations to be available to the user.  Obvious examples are entertainment uses like massively multiplayer games but altogether new uses suggest themselves as well: optimal routes for drivers given two addresses or automatic selection of media given preferences of the user, etc.  Nontrivial computations are pushed back to the cloud and the user has thin clients  in a paradigm with many possible applications.


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