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Take out the holocaust propaganda please.
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The first arrests within hours of the 9/11 attacks were Israelis, at least some of whom were confirmed to be agents of Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad. The Israelis were dressed as Arabs and found with box cutters, $4,700 hidden in a sock, foreign passports, and a van that tested positive for traces of explosives. They were seen filming and celebrating the attacks with high fives, shouts of joy and mockery.

This is from this video.

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Let us begin with Zionism defined according to Zionists:

The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

The ideology assumes that this ‘homeland’ of the Jewish people is Palestine and that the literal ancestors of the Zionists are of semitic origin.  This is not quite right as ‘Ashkenazi Jews’ have genetic link to the Khazars who had converted to Judaism in the 8th century and therefore cannot have ancestral roots in Palestine.  Israeli-American Eran Elhaik has produced research with details.  This is an important part of Zionist ideology and it is false.

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Whatever might be the good intentions in restricting speech about an extremely significant historical issue for the entire human race, the Nazi treatment of European Jews during the Second World War in Europe, which has led to the imprisonment of a number of people for holding non-standard interpretations, I cannot accept such a restriction.  We know all too well from human history the propensity of the winners of conflicts to write history and intellectual seriousness is compromised with such restrictions of freedom of thought and speech.  Giordano Bruno was tortured and killed by the Church for heresy and the value of his thought is clearly significant to posterity.  Imprisonment for thought, however well-intentioned, is no different from the techniques of the Inquisition, and a fascinating account of the interaction between the Inquisition and one accused of heresy is presented by Carlo Ginzburg in The Cheese and the Worms which is sufficiently uncontroversial today to appreciate the complexities of the determination of power for heresy.  I have been, indirectly as it may have been, given a death penalty by the Islamists of Bangladesh for blasphemy in these blogs and as a result have absolutely no tolerance for such restrictions.  One of the best accounts of honest revisionists on the standard story of the Holocaust is David Cole’s video.  But a much more interesting exercise is the evolution of this a theme that makes for mesmerising reading here.  It looks like someone has gone through the exercise of pulling up references from historical newspapers from 1915-1938.

I don’t believe the issue is numbers killed because no executive order has ever been found for extermination of the population in the concentration camps.  They were labor camps with careful diets.  The Nazis were losing and would not have gained anything from orders to execute en mass the prisoners.   I believe after Allied bombing started there were mass deaths from starvation, disease and other facets of neglect.  It makes no sense to me that if Hitler had intended to kill the Jews there would not be careful diets planned for the prisoners which included gypsies and others as well, and the million German prisoners of war who had been killed by Americans would not be seeking mercy from Americans rather than Russians if they had planned such an extermination.  There is also the issue of long term and short term resentment and vindictiveness and a chance to put irredeemable guilt on the Germans as a permanent moral scar for their abuse of power and denigration.

Today we have the internet and Wikileaks although these are being clamped down.  A housing bust and austerity along with bulldozing over regulators so the big banks can play with $700 trillion in derivatives probably for a run on American real estate.

Here is the version of history I believe myself.  When the American empire won the entire globe by 1945, the holocaust propaganda was needed to balance Hiroshima and the annihilation of a million German prisoners of war in April 1945 by French and Americans and the oft-repeated holocaust theme was implemented with embellishments as the balancing propaganda needed for the good-and-evil story that later led to NSC-68 after the Truman regime fabricated the Cold War to control regions changing the British empire’s method of administration. Bombing and grabbing is so much easier than colonial administration.

I do not think it is ‘neo-Nazi’ to question the standard history of holocaust at all. That is because truth matters and from history we have to learn that winners of wars write history for political reasons such as running a world empire. The 1945 order was shaken by 9/11 and this is a good time for us to break through the propaganda components of holocaust. Truth is higher than any religion, including the holocaust religion.

David Irving, who is assiduous in staying close to archival material in his historiography of the Second World War has not found any evidence of Nazi plans to exterminate the Jews.  He believes that around four million Jews had died directly or indirectly due to Nazi actions but does not find evidence of any large scale gassing program.  In Auschwitz which he describes as a brutal concentration camp, he suggests around 100,000 Jews died, of which 10,000 or so by direct Nazi executions and the rest by horrible conditions of starvation and disease.  Veterans Today has this and this articles about his work.

Having said all the above, I should also mention the evidence that the Nazis did talk about eradication of Jews rather than merely deportation.  Here is an article that discusses the issue.  I will return to evidence both ways later one day.  I am personally still agnostic.  You know the winners of wars and implementers of new world orders need a story of good and evil and it is far too convenient, this purely evil holocaust performed by the losers of the great war, far too convenient, with all due respect for those who without question suffered a great deal in the war, and that suffering extended to Germans as well.  It is just very difficult for me to digest that exceptional evil was committed by the Nazis that were different is scope than the Allies.



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The gauntlet

What do you call people who fabricate a religious narrative, take land from people who had done nothing to them, kick half the people out of the land to rot in refugee camps and put the rest under military occupation and then test weapons on them and sell them?

New Film Exposes the Israeli Weapon and Security Industry


Yotam Feldman: the Israeli economy has become dependent on the massive security market. Governments act in hypocrisy when they purchase Israeli arms used against Palestinians, but criticize Israeli violence.
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On one hand, S4 physics is radically different in the interpretation of reality compared to the orthodox physics of Big Bang and Quantum Mechanics but on the other hand in various significant theoretical areas, S4 physics simply adopts well known formalisms from orthodox physics.  For example, there is nothing fundamentally new whatsoever in the gauge theories of the weak, strong and electromagnetic forces.  It so happens that deterministic Yang-Mills theories on compact four dimensional manifolds with arbitrary gauge groups had been available for quite some time.  A very nice presentation of the mathematical side of the story is available from the excellent article by Thomas Parker.  Thus formally there are no problems of producing particle theories on a scaled S4 universe.  More details are important obviously but this is not any serious technical obstruction.

S4 theory is thus introducing fundamentally new conception of nature not in the structure of particle theory but simply inheriting the mathematical structure that had been built by modern physicists.  The novelties are elsewhere.  The S4 physics is positing the shape of the universe to be a scaled 4-sphere of radius 1/h which simultaneously produces a ‘cosmological constant’ term of h^2 and the correct levels for quantization by, for example, the Gutzwiller trace formula.  Lest one feel that this is simply a numerical error of some sort, one can further fit the slope of the empirical redshift by this radius to an accuracy of 1.8% with the same radius assuming that redshift arises by a geometric error where the universe is assumed erroneously to be a flat three dimensional space.

The second major issue is that on a 4-sphere universe, there is a formal similarity between the Ricci curvature equation for a three dimensional ‘physical’ subspace and the gravitational field equations in a space-only setting.  Quite generally, the formal cosmological constant term is always constant and always equal to h^2 by the formula for Ricci curvature of a submanifold.  Assuming that this formal equation can be identified with Einstein’s gravitational field equations, we can see how mathematical coherence of ‘gravity’ and the gauge forces is always trivial on a scaled 4-sphere universe.  A consequence is that gravity and gauge forces are consistent without trouble at all times whenever the submanifold describes the physical universe.  There are thus entire classes of geometric grand unifications without any need for the complicated methods developed for modern physics of renormalization etc.

It is not difficult to show using only CBR uniform lower bound of 2.72 K that the universe must be compact by Gaussian bounds on heat kernels of non-compact manifolds with a lower bound on Ricci curvature.  But in fact the redshift slope fit is done by a more precise spherical model directly.

These are clearly radically different interpretations of data such as redshift but one can formalize carefully the comparison of the orthodox models and the S4 model by special attention to quantitative versions of the parsimony principle via Akaike’s theorem.  Recall that given a set of data, arbitrarily complex models can be used to fit the data with zero error but which suffer overfitting errors and there is thus in any fit of a model to data a balance between accuracy of fit and complexity of the model.  Both accuracy of fit to data and the complexity need to be balanced and compared to established models of physics, S4 model is not only coherent (simple grand unification without contradictions) but also more parsimonious.  Of course modern physics has delved into a great many detailed issues that are not addressed in the carefully chosen fundamental data used to fit the S4 physics model but on the redshift data, it can be thought to be extremely parsimonious.  Coherence alone is sufficient to distinguish S4 physics from orthodox physics because the grand unification is resolved without trouble but in addition both the cosmological constant problem and the measurement problem are trivially resolved as well.

A careful consideration of comparison of multiple models to data favors S4 physics model over the enormously more complex established physics models with attention to quantitative parsimony.  Furthermore, the model provides an explanation of why quantization occurs in our universe geometrically and relates for the first time microscopic and macroscopic physics.  It also enhances our understanding of why Hamilton was obsessed with quaternions revolutionizing physics in the nineteenth century as the 4-sphere is a quaternionic projective line.

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