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Is there anyone who would like to take a little look down on and under that secret how man fabricates an ideal on earth? Who has the courage for that? . . . Come on, now! Here’s an open glimpse into this dark workshop. Just wait a moment, my dear Mr. Nosy and Presumptuous: your eye must first get used to this artificial flickering light. . . . So, enough! Now speak! What’s going on down there? Speak up. Say what you see, man of the most dangerous curiosity—now I’m the one who’s listening.—

—”I see nothing, but I hear all the more. It is a careful, crafty, light rumour-mongering and whispering from every nook and cranny. It seems to me that people are lying; a sugary mildness clings to every sound. Weakness is going to be falsified into something of merit. There’s no doubt about it—things are just as you said they were.”

—Keep talking!

—”And powerlessness which does not retaliate is being falsified into ‘goodness,’ anxious baseness into ‘humility,’ submission before those one hates to ‘obedience’ (of course, obedience to the one who, they say, commands this submission—they call him God). The inoffensiveness of the weak man—cowardice itself, in which he is rich, his standing at the door, his inevitable need to wait around—here acquires a good name, like ‘patience,’ and is called virtue itself. That incapacity for revenge is called the lack of desire for revenge, perhaps even forgiveness (‘for they know not what they do—only we know what they do!’). And people are talking about ‘love for one’s enemies’—and sweating as they say it.”

—Keep talking!

—”They are miserable—there’s no doubt about that—all these rumour-mongers and counterfeiters in the corners, although crouched down beside each other in the warmth—but they are telling me that their misery is God’s choice, His sign. One beats the dog one loves the most. Perhaps this misery may be a preparation, a test, an education, perhaps it is even more—something that will one day be rewarded and paid out with huge interest in gold, no, in happiness. They call that ‘blessedness’.”

—Go on!

—”Now they are letting me know that they are not only better than the powerful, the masters of the earth, whose spit they have to lick (not out of fear, certainly not out of fear, but because God commands that they honour all those in authority)—they are not only better than these, but they also are ‘better off,’ or at any rate will one day have it better. But enough! Enough! I can’t take it any more. Bad air! Bad air! This workshop where man fabricates ideals—it seems to me it stinks  of nothing but lies.”

—No! Just one minute more! So far you haven’t said anything about  the masterpiece of these black magicians who make whiteness, milk, and innocence out of every blackness:—have you not noticed the perfection of their sophistication, their most daring, most refined, most spiritual, most fallacious artistic attempt? Pay attention! These cellar animals full of vengeance and hatred—what exactly are they making out of that vengeance and hatred? Have you ever heard these words? If you heard only their words, would you suspect that you were completely among men of ressentiment? . . .

—”I understand. Once again I’ll open my ears (oh! oh! oh! and hold my nose). Now I’m hearing for the first time what they’ve been saying so often: ‘We good men—we are the righteous’—what they demand they don’t call repayment but ‘the triumph of righteousness.’ What they hate is not their enemy. No! They hate ‘injustice,’ ‘godlessness.’ What they believe and hope is not a hope for revenge, the intoxication of sweet vengeance (something Homer has already called ‘sweeter than honey’), but the victory of God, the righteous God, over the godless. What remains for them to love on earth is not their brothers in hatred but their ‘brothers in love,’ as they say, all the good and righteous people on the earth.”

—And what do they call what serves them as a consolation for all the suffering of life—their phantasmagoria of future blessedness which they are expecting?

—”What’s that? Am I hearing correctly? They call that ‘the last judgment,’ the coming of their kingdom, the coming of ‘God’s kingdom’— but in the meanwhile they live ‘in faith,’ ‘in love,’ ‘in hope.’”

—Enough! Enough!


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There is no creator God of the universe and 1.2 billion Muslims are used to praying five times a day.  We can transplant Islam by a religion of mathematics where they can instead do mathematics five times a day.  The idea is to consider the ‘Mentat’ religion of Frank Herbert’s Dune and essentially swap out the false Abrahamic religion with some real knowledge.

I don’t understand why Muslims keep looking at least five centuries in the past to find what to do in the future. Islam was already broken by 1500 and the Abrahamic religions are false as God had lied about creating the universe. We need to uproot these religions and move to a better future for the entire human race. Put the past in a museum.

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Ancients believed in the existence of gods and demons and other ‘supernatural’ beings that they saw in dreams and visions.  Nietzsche shared some of the features of these beliefs but produced an artistic metaphysics.  Since the rise of Cartesian science, and the entrenchment of empiricism, the divide of magic and science has been the centerpiece of science.  But the universe is objectively four dimensional, and we are able to see in four dimensions with an open third eye.  We have produced a fulfillment of Einstein’s dream, which is a coherent classical deterministic unification of gravity and gauge forces with a stationary universe which is a four dimensional sphere.  This has a large gap from the point of view of empiricism, which is that the four dimensional matter does not appear in the Standard Model.  We can consider this matter to be composed of magnetic monopoles for a variety of reasons but this matter follows electromagnetic laws that are coherent with the physical laws followed by the material world.

Not only have I been attempting to theorize about these things but I have actively engaged in metaphysical exploration of the four dimensional universe by techniques that I had developed by trial and error, by following mythological dramas, and paying careful attention to even the inscrutible of my dreams and visions.  Thus I have had the experience of killing God in a very concrete manner on October 17 2012.  It is quite possible that such dramas are archetypal as well, but if there is a unique God, as posited by the Abrahamic scriptures, that God is dead and it is worthwhile to consider whether the consequences of the death of God has any significant effect on human society.  Of course I am on much more solid ground when I produce the refutation of the cosmological redshift and the Big Bang which shows the nonexistence of a creator God for the universe, so the God that I killed was one who claimed to have created the universe but in fact could not have done so.

I have seen many demons and gods besides.  I have had the experience of a Hellenic warrior with a red cape on top of a cliff of crystal blue Meditteranean waters where the horse and rider both fall into the sea and during sinking, I heard a voice that said, ‘Every demon is a god in disguise’.  I have seen humanoid faces which are clearly not human peer out from balconies on my flight up to the level where I could attack God later on.  On one hand, these are ‘subjective’ experiences; on the other hand, they are objective experiences that took place in the objective metaphysical universe which is an S4.

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From my point of view, we know that the universe has four macroscopic spatial dimensions and with an open third eye, one can directly experience the eternal four dimensional spherical universe.  One becomes aware of four dimensional matter that can be identified with what some call ‘consciousness’ and in fact the entire objective four dimensional universe is metaphysical, can be identified with what Jung called ‘collective unconscious’.  They were on the right track in seeking to elucidate the psyche but did not quite have a physical theory which could scaffold their investigations.  We have one now, which is the S4 physics, whether full empirical justification is available or not.  It is the only extant coherent grand unification of gravity and gauge forces (all others based on quantum field theory we expect to run into the barrier of the cosmological constant problem).

Since late 2007 I have had strong metaphysical experiences, and in the process I have learned much about lucid dreaming.  Dreams take place in literal arenas in the four dimensional universe and are not generated by the brain.  Scientists know which part of the brain can be cut off to stop dreaming but this leaves open the question of whether that part of the brain is a factory for the dreams.  I don’t believe it can be, as I know of joint dreams by people across distant geographic separation.  I have had them myself.  Furthermore, while many of my dreams involving people I know (which may or may not be shared) have taken place in architectures with ‘space’, the clearest dream which made this case extreme is that I saw a giant brick temple with neon lights glowing from purple to pink besides which was a giant and complex garden on which at different points were colorfully costumed characters, a king, queen, prince and in steps I saw them move in the garden as clearly as on a chess board.  It was clear to me that some of these characters were real individual humans.  In this case it was unclear to me who was ‘controlling’ any of these characters perhaps except the individuals themselves but the movements suggested that the chess-like arrangements were natural.  The space was literal in the sense that we usually mean, a giant garden next to a temple.

While this is a single example, I extrapolate from it the idea that not only this particular dream but all dreams take place in literal four dimensional arenas rather than being generated in the brain and in many cases, we have multiple characters share the same space.

Of course, at first glance, this picture might seem silly and close to the idea of these muliplayer computer games where individuals take on roles.  I would suggest that these games came about from this intuition of dreams than the other way around.  Even without a great deal of empirical evidence (because we do not yet possess instrumentation to probe the fourth dimension beyond the use of our own third eyes), we can produce a concrete conceptual model for dreams as drama in objectively real spaces but which are purely four dimensional.


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This is what I saw exactly:  A bearded man laughing diabolically after having discovered the power to control the global money supply probably sometime in history.  Then I saw an old black-and-white photograph of a group of men standing put in an old book, presumably representing a group of men who had at some point found the power to control money supply.   Some conspiracies point to Rothschilds but in truth, I cannot be certain of any identities at all.  Then I saw a metaphysical craft in which they were moving and a giant shark eat it.  The metaphysical rubble was being dissected by primordial demons who are restructuring the metaphysical environment of humans for a planetary Republic.  In any case, I don’t have any of that power.  Conspiracy theories about control of money supply must be updated across the world.

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The refutation of the Big Bang is quite strong because it shows that the cosmological redshift is an artifact, which implies that there is not a ‘singulariy’ anywhere in the past.  Thus we can immediately realize that the entire ‘early universe’ mythology is not necessarily true.  But more importantly, it invalidates the Creator God of the Abrahamic religions as it is not difficult to check that the S4(1/h) universe must be stationary since we have no evidence that h changes.  Now these false religions have caused chaos over the collective human consciousness (or spirit or whatever word you use to denote the four dimensional electromagnetic matter in four dimensions in which we all swim).  Disproof of a creator God still leaves open infinite possibilities of metaphysical truth past and present.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely that modern science will necessarily be able to provide any useful guidance because they have their heads stuck in three material dimensions not only for strict empiricism.  Any change of humanity’s politics and collective spirituality must necessarily involve a great deal of metaphysical activity destroying structures, cleansing spaces, refounding the entire human metaphysical environment on the ideals of Republic, Truth, Justice=Divine Love, and Freedom.  These highly abbreviated notes must suffice for a metaphysical reality one can see with an open third eye that is otherwise too complex to describe, with its part of ugly and beautiful.  What is clear is that all the religions are wrong in most important regards and none of them are quite able to deliver on their promises.

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My refutation of the Big Bang shows that the cosmological redshift occurs as a nonphysical artifact of mismeasuring frequencies of waves on a sphere assuming them to be waves on a flat 3D space.  In particular, there is no ‘singularity’ and the universe was not created.  It was always a perfect four-sphere of radius 1/h and existed for infinite time.  In particular, I find the mythology of the early universe that orthodox science has created to be an example of the ingenuity and creativity of man in attempting to create a narrative within a particular framework of reality.  This is what I am engaged in as well, fitting together the puzzle of how reality functions, but I cannot accept the mythologies of the early universe of modern science as fact just the same way I do not accept the account of Hesiod’s Cosmogony as fact.

So what has been the problem of orthodox sciences? A very complicated case of trying to fit round pegs into square holes and the faith in mathematical sophistication. They created quite a spectacular mythology of the early universe.

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