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UPDATE:  The following note is incorrect.  It is true and standard that a manifold with positive scalar curvature does not have spinors annihilated by the Dirac operator.  However, this is when one uses the spin connection.  For the fermions, one does not use the spin connection but a Yang-Mills connection.  For those, we don’t have a simple result but we can learn something about the dimension of the zero sets of the Dirac operator using the Atiyah-Singer index theorem.  The equation for zero-eigenvalue modes in that case is
i \gamma^\nu ( \partial_\mu + A_\mu) \psi = 0

and the Atiyah-Singer index theorem tells us the difference

n_+ - n_- = \frac{1}{32\pi^2}\int d^4x *F_a^{\mu\nu} F_{a\mu\nu}

The right side is essentially the Pontrjagin number of the bundle.

I have argued elsewhere that the actual universe is a scaled four-sphere.  It has constant positive sectional curvature and hence constant positive scalar curvature.  Now fermions appear essentially as solutions to D\psi = m \psi.  Spinors on a four sphere are spanned by Killing spinors.  A Bochner-Weitzenbock formula reads
D^2 = \nabla^*\nabla + C(K)

where the additional term is the scalar curvature multiplied by a universal constant.  Then taking inner product and integration by parts shows that nonconstant spinors do not exist.  The argument itself is classical.  What is interesting is that on a four dimensional sphere there can be no massless fermion by this simple argument.


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In the first chapter of Beyond Good and Evil, there are two significant references to the scientific ethos:

‘Physiologists should think before putting down the instinct of self-preservation as the cardinal instinct of an organic being.  A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength–life itself is will to power; self-preservation is only one of the indirect and most frequent results.’ –section 13

‘It is perhaps dawning on five or six minds that physics, too, is only an interpretation and exegesis of the world (to suit us, if I may say so!) and not a world-explanation; but insofar as it is based on belief in the senses, it is regarded as more, and for a long time to come must be regarded as more–namely, as an explanation.  Eyes and fingers speak in its favor, visual evidence and palpableness do, too: this strikes an age with a fundamentally plebian tastes as fascinating, persuasive, and convincing–after all, it follows instinctively the canon of truth of eternally popular sensualism.  What is clear, what is “explained”?  Only what can be seen and felt–every problem has to be pursued to that point.  Conversely, the charm of the Platonic way of thinking, which was a noble way of thinking, consisted precisely in the resistance of sense-evidence–perhaps among men who enjoyed even stronger and more demanding senses than our contemporaries, but who knew how to get a higher triumph in remaining masters of their senses–and this by means of pale, cold, gray concept nets which they threw over the motley whirl of the senses–the mob of the senses, as Plato said.  In this overcoming of the world, and interpreting of the world in the manner of Plato, there was an enjoyment different from that which the physicists of today offer us–and also the Darwinists and the anti-teleologists among the workers in physiology, with their principle of “the smallest possible force” and the greatest possible stupidity.  “Where man cannot find anything to see or grasp, he has no further business” — that is certainly an imperative different from the Platonic one, but it may be the right imperative for a tough industrious race of machinists and bridge-builders of the future, who have nothing but rough work to do.


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The Darwinian orthodoxy established evolution by natural selection, ‘survival of the fittest’, and the Nietzschean answer to the fundamental principle of life was different, the ‘will to power’.  He had explicitly clarified his answer as a counter to the prejudice of the physiologists.  I had naively identified the will to power with spiritual darkness from my own metaphysical experiences.
But clear knowledge that the universe is indeed four dimensional and metaphysical, the clear experience of disincarnate metaphysical beings provides us with an opportunity of expanding our view of life.  In an eternal metaphysical universe, the existence of intelligent consciousness reaches back to eternity, and the principle of conscious life could be understood as will to power.  In order to appreciate how penetrating had been Nietzsche’s intuition, consider his analysis of the highly spiritualized will to power of the adherents of the ascetic ideals.  The example of ascetic ideals is particularly illuminating because by the most naive of conceptions of will to power, the ascetic ideals would seem to explicitly deny such a will.  Furthermore, the ascetic ideals also seem to disregard the principle of life held by orthodox science, of a survival of the fittest.

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The discovery that the proteome is encoded in the DNA and the determination of the genetic code, the structure of DNA, provides an optimism of DNA-determinism from the purely scientific side.  One cannot fully separate this DNA-centric thinking from the race theories that have produced political orders in the past few centuries, the most scarring of which is perhaps the racism of Hitler’s Germany but with continued presence today under political, religious, or even scientific guises.  There is a certain attraction of DNA-determinism, as the DNA maps are concrete and it is tempting to seek the secrets of the history of life in these, assuming the narrowing of the forces affecting life to that of coupling and a Darwinian survival of the fittest.  The DNA-determinism has this extremely narrow mythology of evolution in its foundation.

But the actual universe has four macroscopic spatial dimensions, and therefore the principles of a DNA-mythology is insufficient to understand life as well as consciousness.  There are clearly DNA-determinism in the mundane scale, as there are much-studied hereditary diseases such as Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis.  But the universe itself is four dimensional and the determinism of DNA, to whatever extent it holds, is overwhelmed by metaphysical drama that we can only dimly perceive, and have yet to formulate a clear physical theory to account for.

This seems a bit vague and insufficient to challenge the concrete claims of the DNA-determinists who can always point to the concrete knowledge of the DNA, but a sufficient argument is provided as follows: we show first that the universe is a four dimensional sphere of fixed radius governed by a single force of SU(2) electromagnetism and then we argue that there exist a class of scientific theories about the phenomena of life that is four dimensional and metaphysical.  In physics, an extremely successful effort had produced in the established science a preliminary description of the fundamental forces of nature via the principle of least action.  It is a remarkable feature of the currently accepted Standard Model that Lagrangians with local invariance are able to describe what are believed to be some of the fundamental forces.  Guided by this success, there has been an attempt to providing the laws of biological life by the Darwinian principles of selection applied to DNA and genes.  But here the optimism for a correct theory is overblown because we have a gigantic spectrum of human behavior which violates these sorts of principles.  It is worthwhile even to make the simple speculation once the universe is known to be eternal and spherical: that self-aware consciousness is also eternal and therefore that there is an ocean of possibilities that separate the physical laws from the laws of life and consciousness.

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Whenever I close my eyes, I am aware of a metaphysical environment that is fairly clearly not simply some sort of internal hallucination screen.  Metaphysical objects seem to have spatial extent.  Many are living beings.  What are these objects made of?  I believe in this realm we can find the magnetic monopoles and other constituents of reality that are not likely to be found on the Standard Model as is.  We have clear evidence for the shape of the universe, and it is a valuable project to transfer the Standard Model on a 4-sphere but we would expect a theory that can explain these metaphysical objects.


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Dream experience

Although I have had magnificent experiences of the world of the fallen angel Lucifer, by far most of my metaphysical experiences have been far from the mythological landscape of the Abrahamic religions.  Last night I had the experience of visiting someone’s house.  My companion was a woman who left without entering the house for some reason.  I went in.  There was a television in it that was on and full of static.  I saw a face form from the greyish static and become orange.  Then an alien humanoid head popped from it, peeked at me and said something and then disappeared with a woman in a white coat.  Then I saw a ritual communion between two demonic humanoids, both bald with greyish skin.

For me the most interesting part of this vision is that I experienced it directly rather than imagining it in some other way.

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Obviously ambitious goals require iterative improvements.  So my thoughts are that we should STEAL Einstein and KILL GOD simultaneously.  The recent result I obtained showing how the redshift can be explained by mistaking spherical waves on a 4-sphere with linear waves, that in fact the redshift is not a physical phenomenon at all is a good STAB in God’s heart.  On the other hand, Einstein was never enthusiastic about Zionism and expressed it succinctly, and there is even an extant letter by him a day after Deir Yassin.  We can STEAL Einstein by following the Einsteinian dream, a stationary eternal universe that is DETERMINISTIC, showing that he was right in his debates against the newfangled quantum fad.  A reasonable amount of anti-Zionist pressure might destroy Christianity and Islam.

UPDATE:  Stealing Einstein is close to completion, as it is clear that S4 physics can achieve deterministic unification of gravity and the gauge forces.  The refutation of the Big Bang is progress on killing God.  Christianity can be targetted for uprooting but perhaps I don’t have to do all the work as I can see on Facebook that many people are excited by the prospects of removing this most violent of the Abrahamic religions.

As the Zionist propaganda machine is one of the most effective in the world, the issue of Einstein is a challenge.  Here is a Zionist link on Einstein, and here is one that challenges Einstein’s adherence to Zionism.

I, as ever, am optimistic about my diabolical plans.

Update:  God was finally and thankfully killed on October 17 2012.  What a criminal he was.  This should allow us to annihilate the Judeo-Christlamic religions more easily.  So many trees wasted on the texts of the mendacious malicious God.

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