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It should be fairly clear from the evidence that 9/11 was primarily a Mossad operation for an American empire false flag.  We all know that following that false flag there was a gigantic reshuffling of the United States which included signing of the Patriot Act, formation of the Department of Homeland Security, and a systematic attack on habeas corpus and a defense of torture of detainees in the so-called ‘war on terror’.

Some people have had theories of the New World Order which includes population reduction, the threat of FEMA camps and so on.  There are those who believe that Earth is overpopulated and the population should be around half a billion rather than seven billion.  We must remember as well that America has a history of hiding mass deaths, for example the million German POW killed in April 1945 in American camps and records buried from history altogether.  Note that there is a debate still open about whether the Holocaust had similar feature, that the mass deaths in the concentration camps were through starvation and disease rather than from specific measures such as gassings by Zyklon B.  In any case it is clear that there are elements of the American government who would be interested in population reduction by targetting Muslims.

Note that the Israel colony is the incubator for measures that appear in America and the west, and for the past 35 years the primary feature of Israel has been the brutal military occupation of the remaining land of Palestine after the initial land was ethnically cleansed of Muslims in 1948.  One must recall as well that not merely a hundred thousand but 655,000 were killed in Iraq which Philip Zelikow had announced was partly attacked because it was a threat to Israel.  While China saw the attack on Iran primarily as a matter of oil, the Zionist planners of regime change in seven Muslim countries, for example Richard Perle, clearly enunciates that their reasoning for the attack on Iraq was not for oil but rather an anti-Muslim crusades and he and the other Zionist neoconservatives continue to press for Iran as an existential nuclear threat to Israel.  The Zionist elite had taken the lead in architecting the post-Soviet world order, and they had received their racist ideology from experience against the Palestinians.  One must also recall that Zionists collaborated with the Nazis.

It is highly likely that there are population reduction ideas, and that those require selectivity of Muslims which is what has been achieved by the NDAA provisions of US military being able to arrest US citizens for indefinite military detention without trial until the end of an endless war.  These measures leave open the possibility that population reduction to be achieved primarily by targetting Muslims which is now legitimated by the acceptance of the standard account of 9/11 which is not simply false but ludicrously false.


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I believe that necessary and sufficient for eudaimonia for the entire human race, which is a single race, are the three ideals of Truth, Justice, and Freedom which are spiritual ideals deeper than the false Abrahamic religions.  From this perspective, the Israel-Palestinian conflict must be seen through the lens of truth rather than from religious perspectives.  The truth of history is that for centuries leading up to 1900, Palestine had Muslims, Christians, and Jews living in relative peace and the Zionist movement was a European colonial movement which had gained Palestine from the British Empire in 1917 through the intervention of Walter Rothschild and then Zionist paramilitaries used force for ethnic cleansing of around 700,000 Palestinians during 1948 to form a Jewish majority for a state, and since 1967 have put the remaining portion of the territory of British Mandate Palestine under military occupation.  The right solution to this conflict in the short run is to transition Israel into a binational secular state allowing the return of refugees and giving them the same rights as the Israeli Jews.  In the long run, this is the right solution for the entire planet, a one state solution that protects the ideals uniformly across the globe.

The American support for Israel will be weakened as it becomes clearer to the American public the extent of Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, while Americans also come to fully understand the brutality and inhumanity of the occupation and the condition of the Palestinians in the occupation.  Palestinians must fully and permanently give up suicide terror and other useless violence and take up a more principled approach to their struggle by recognizing the power structure in the west that produces the western support for Israel as an ethnocracy.  This involves them reminding people that only 22% of Jews are Zionists and that Zionists had collaborated with the Nazis.  Extensive study of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis has been done by Lenni Brenner in his Zionism in the Age of Dictators, but a simple example is that

Zionists had a trade plan with the Berlin government by which German Jews could redeem their property in Nazi goods exported to then British-occupied Palestine. And to top it all off, the infamous SS-Hptscharf. Adolf Eichmann, had visited Palestine, in October, 1937, as the guest of the Zionists. He also met, in Egypt, with Feivel Polkes, a Zionist operative, whom Eichmann described as a “leading Haganah functionary.” The chain-smoking Polkes was also on the Nazis’ payroll “as an informer.”

This involves recognizing that the backers of Zionism in America, which includes the banking oligarchs of the Federal Reserve cartel, as well as media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch, as well as others have the power to fund legislators in American Congress through AIPAC.  But this support does not extend to the American public generally.  Zionism is an ideology on its deathbed and many Israelis themselves are extremely unenthusiastic about this psychotic ideology.

Zionists were primarily responsible  for the 9/11 false flag and had plans for regime change in seven Muslim countries years before that atrocity.  There must be a recognition that those responsible were a relatively tiny group of religious zealots with ambitious global imperial agenda.

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This note is about an extremely elementary issue that has been observed before but worth emphasizing: money comes into the economy not directly but through the big banks.  The Federal Reserve is owned by big banks.  They print money out of thin air and buy outstanding US Treasury debt from the big banks.  That’s new money coming into the economy.  The cash sits in the Fed accounts of the banks and then the banks lend them out.

Before October 9 2008, the banks had to move the money as the idle cash did not get interest from the Fed but since then the Fed had decided to pay interest and hence is putting a clog on the money supply.  You can take a look at the January 2012 balance sheet in the Fed and note that $1.577 trillion are held in the accounts of the big banks.  This is money that should be going into the economy, fixing the unemployment, providing stimulus for small business etc. but since the Fed had started paying interest on this cash account, the big banks can simply sit on the money and earn interests rather than push the money into the economy, which is what they are doing.

It is problematic enough that these privately owned institutions have inserted themselves at the source of the global reserve currency, but it is even more problematic when the American economy is sinking and the Fed, which has the explicit job of managing inflation and unemployment in the American economy rather functions for the interests of its owning institutions and provides them ‘free lunch’ of interest which is antithetical to their stated purpose.  It is also not surprising that they instituted the interest rate payment on this case in September 2008 just as it became quite clear that the economy is going to take a nose-dive.  This interest rate cannot possibly have been a measure that made the Fed better meet its stated duty of helping improve the unemployment situation which obviously requires new money to actually come into the economy, not simply put it on the accounts of their owning institutions who can sit and collect interest on it.

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Given that the American empire has taken such harsh measures as assassination of US citizens by drone attacks for ‘incitement’ to violence, the most significant case being that of Anwar Awlaki, I want to quickly point out a serious contradiction in people’s attitudes regarding the balance between incitement to violence or racial hatred.

One of the sensitive topics is that of questioning the standard account of the Holocaust.  In Europe there are various laws that can lead to imprisonment for questioning the standard Holocaust narrative for incitement to racial hatred and violence.  This article in Ha’aretz touches on this topic.

At the same time, in Israel, much more direct incitement to racial hatred and violence, such as IDF t-shirts that mock the murder of women and children after Operation Cast Lead early 2009, do not have any sort of reprimand or control from the Israelis.  Of course RIchard Goldstone had originally found that both Israel and Hamas were responsible for possible war crimes in that offensive which killed more than 300 children deliberately but he had retracted his judgment although his colleagues stood by it.

This contradiction in attitudes follows from the inherent racism of the Zionist enterprise, and I have little doubts in my mind that these sorts of contradictions will be the unraveling of that enterprise.

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Every moment is the unfolding of a unique destiny of the universe. The physical universe, a three dimensional submanifold of an eternal four-dimensional spherical universe governed by a single force, SU(2) electromagnetism, is simultaneously the representation of multiple metaphysical levels. I woke up to the noise of black ravens, saw the trees bared of their leaves, turbulent clouds to the west and smooth ones to the east. Nietzsche had said art is the properly metaphysical activity of man, and this is a continuous challenge for the entire physical universe is simultaneously that which is experienced as well as the concrete symbolic representation of multiple metaphysical realms superimposed. Our ability to discern these realities, to explicate them, is an art. But simultaneously, just as in construction of scientific theories, not all interpretations have equal merit, for parsimony and predictive power rank symbolic interpretations as well.

We know that there cannot a creator-God of a stationary universe where time extends infinitely to the past.  And at the same time, we cannot dismiss all claims of the religions for they provide access and understanding to some parts of the metaphysical four-dimensional cosmos.  Much more than science metaphysical interpretations require strong restrictions because the criteria in science for rejecting false hypotheses is clear.  Karl Popper’s criterion of falsifiability as the key characteristic of scientific statements is useless for metaphysical interpretations not because the statements are tautologies, but because symbolic interpretations necessarily do not refer to the physical characteristics of the objects.  The sun is never an inert glowing mass in a metaphysical interpretation, which we who have been steeped in the primacy of the post-Cartesian physicality could consider the only objective reality.  But metaphysical interpretations of the sun also have objective reality, and it is an open question precisely how one differentiates and ranks multiple metaphysical readings.  The entire human race has a single metaphysical reality, regardless of what the religions tell us.  But since the religious tend to rely on outdated scriptures as their reference for interpretation of that reality rather than metaphysical experience, they tend to misguide their followers systematically.

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On one hand, the tenacity of the Zionists is legion.  The “Greater Israel” project continued 63 years after the formation of Israel by ethnic cleansing by force of its Muslim majority. 87% of the population, and then since 1967 the occupied territories which after the Second Intifada was put under strict military occupation.  The settler fortresses deepen the colonization of Palestine.  On the other hand the Israel-centric neoconservatives who had planned regime change a decade before 9/11 included in their targets for regime change Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and while the orchestration of that false flag allowed them to make rapid aggressive advances surrounding Iran both on Iraq and Afghanistan they did not proceed immediately to attack Iran.  They could have found an excuse to attack immediately because the clerical regime had snatched the country from American control in 1979 but they did not.  And then close to a decade later the excuse that was given is the Iranian nuclear threat as an existential threat to Israel which has been negated by the ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan as well as others.  And just today I read an article suggesting that America does not have the right sort of bombs to penetrate the underground nuclear facilities.  We all know that the real reason for any attack would be regime change, and I believe the CIA is responsible for the chaos in Syria.

Despite Israel’s bluster in preparation for an attack on Iran, a Ha’aretz article from 3 February 2012 quotes Ken Pollack, a White House and CIA official and director of Saban Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings Institution saying, “If Israel has a good military option, they just take it, they don’t talk about it, they don’t give warnings.  So the fact that they are talking about it, to me, is one tip-off that they don’t have a good military option.  We should never rule out the possibility of an Israeli strike and the odds have probably increased in recent months as a result of a number of different factors. But … there are a lot of disincentives that have prevented Israel from launching a strike for 10 years.”

Many analysts have suggested that an attack on Iran while the American and European economies are fragile is ill-advised because of the inevitable rise in oil prices but EU had put an embargo on Iranian oil, which continues to flow to India and China.  So there are sanctions on Iran on all sectors including oil and the central bank.  The Republican candidates are pushing for tougher stance on Iran in solidarity with the Israelis–and in the case of Gingrich because of $10 million funding from Sheldon Adelson.  But the military establishment in America do not consider it a fruitful move, as Lawrence Wilkerson points out that a regime change in Iran would require ground forces and unlike Iraq, the Americans would be facing a united population with a well-organized army.  I think the entire anti-Iran aggression is a gigantic bluff by the political establishment who have no real solution to a deteriorating economy in America and chronic unemployment.  The American empire, I had said late 2008 and early 2009 on Facebook, had already collapsed.  I had suggested planetary Republic based on the three ideals of Republic and a single human race as the overall solution to the end of the Pax Americana world order 1945-2008.  Of course if people in America consider Ron Paul to be extremist, it seems reasonable that they would consider the idea of dissolving nations and religions for a planetary Republic to be more outrageous.  But I do not see any reasonable way for the western people to continue to maintain some of the economic privileges that they have acquired during Pax Americana unless they are willing to make a radical shift.  End of empires in history had been accompanied by moral degeneration, and the American empire shows all the symptoms of this decay — with American soldiers urinating on dead Taliban fighters and the suicide rate in the military having broken records.  America had been policing national sovereignty as well as backing the global reserve currency but with its demise we need to consider a planetary system without national boundaries.  The current movement towards an Israelification is not tenable because police states are resource-hungry.

There is another important factor for why an attack on Iran is unlikely, which is resistance from the economic power China which has an insatiable energy appetite and is quite likely willing to do anything to avoid a regime change in Iran not only for issues of stability but also because they consider the American Iraq invasion to be primarily an oil grab, although according to an insightful The Economist article, China National Petroleum Corporation is one of only two companies to win contracts to develop Iraq’s oil fields.

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I was hoping Newt Gingrich would disappear from the Republican race by Iowa and New Hampshire but he won primaries in South Carolina, and so it is worthwhile commenting on his racist extremism.  He made headlines with his comment that “Palestinians are an invented people” and in the comment section of this article you can find some comments I had on this issue.  Then he doubled down and claimed that all Palestinians, whether from Fatah or Hamas, whether from Gaza or West Bank, they are all terrorists, and he cited the rocket attacks from Gaza as justification for this.  Some people had said this is from ignorance but it is not.  He is taking a racist political position partly because he himself is a racist and partly because his campaign is being funded by Sheldon Adelson whose net worth is $20 billion and who owns the newspaper that is considered Netanyahu’s voice in Israel.  Sheldon and his wife Miriam gave a combined $10 million to the Gingrich campaign which he admits is because Adelson is worried about the survival of Israel.

This would give concrete backing to considering Gingrich as a Zionist stooge.  Zionism, which is held strictly by only 22% of Jews, is a racist ideology and it has done a great deal of harm to the Jewish people and humanity at large.  According to the 5/26/95 Jewish Sentinel (NY):  

“A recent American Jewish Committee study found that only 22 percent of American Jews today consider themselves to be Zionists, and that 32 percent feel distant from Israel.”

The reason to post this note is because it has been American power that has been responsible for arming the Zionist colonizers who had created a state “for the Jews by the Jews” in Arab Palestine by ethnic cleansing of its Muslim population by force in 1948 and then by military occupation of the remaining British Mandate Palestine since 1967 where under the pretext of “peace negotiations” the Zionists have deepened their colonization by fortress settlements.  And they have managed to do this not only by the complicity of a Zionist-dominated media, the best example of which is Wolf Blitzer of CNN, but also by the funding of candidates on simply their position on Israel.  Those who have decided that anti-Zionism is antisemitism, dutifully following the Israeli propaganda should carefully weigh the fact that Zionists collaborated with the most antisemitic of regimes, the Nazis, in order to further their agenda of colonization of Palestine.

Now returning to this issue of Adelson’s support of Newt Gingrich, we can consider a Jewish opinion.  Adelson’s funding steers Gingrich to the far right of Israel according to Gal Beckerman of the Jewish Daily Forward.

EMPIRE goes with racism. In fact, although Islam is a decrepit backward imperial religion, it had one saving grace, that it was able to overcome racism in its power structure. Christianity did not quite succeed in that direction. We need a Republic, and what we see with Gingrich and Romney’s comments about Palestinians is a return to racism in order to reinforce empire. Gingrich’s “American exceptionalism” has much more to do with white race than with America.

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