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Both “capitalism” and “socialism” are MATERIAL philosophies of politics and fundamentally misunderstands something very deep about the universe and human beings. I have provided the evidence, originally known from 1984, that the universe is macroscopically four dimensional — from 5, 8, 10, and 12 fold rotational symmetry observed in crystals in abundance. THEREFORE, we live in a four dimensional universe and are ourselves four dimensional beings where our material bodies and material needs are not primary for our existence. Now Socrates, in Plato’s Gorgias, had identified INJUSTICE as the depravity of the soul. The human soul is not a mere idea or concept but something that is real and exists electromagnetically as I had sketched in my continuing work on S4 physics. We must expand our understanding of human nature if we are to find a basis for a world system that could possibly lead to eudaimonia. This is a delicate matter, as today, as the global oligarchy of bankers and other power elite factions have produced a world system of slavery. The answer I give for the fundamental SPIRITUAL basis of eudaimonia is the recognition that the ideals of Republic, Truth, Justice, Freedom, are necessary and sufficient for eudaimonia for the human race. We already know, from the announcement of the Human Genome Project of April 2009 that biological race is fiction. I believe the current global system is rotten to the core and no amount of duct-taping will heal it. THEREFORE, we must ask for an entirely new world system, one without nations and religions, but based on the SPIRITUAL ideals that are more fundamental for the human SOULS than material well-being, which are Truth, Justice, and Freedom. We must uniformly understand that Divine Love is Justice.n

The religions had never been separate from politics and the major Abrahamic religions, in their respective heydays had been responsible for flourishing civilizations, Christianity had pacified Europe and given the foundations of a great civilization and the same is true at an earlier era of Islam.  However, we live today in times when the religions have become divisive nightmares for the planet, and the ‘separation of Church and State’ has not succeeded in producing truly secular politics.  The solution to this problem lies in asking for a new spirituality for the entire human race that is coherent with a universal politics.  Both the religions and the broken political system must be jointly replaced by a new spiritual order that recognizes the ideals of Republic, Truth, Justice, and Freedom, as spiritual ideals and we must have alongside a scientific revolution based on a new understanding of the correct description of a universe that is four dimensional.


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The two major problems that nineteenth century classical physics could not resolve were stability of atoms and the blackbody radiation problem.  An account of Planck’s quantum hypothesis that was able to account for the observed intensity distribution of the approximate blackbody, which has become standard textbook material, can be found here.  The difference between the prediction of the Rayleigh-Jeans’ law and the empirical distribution of the blackbody radiation can be seen in the following figure:

One of the salient features of the fitting of empirical distribution of intensities from the blackbody is that quantization of energy is sufficient for this fit.  A sophisticated quantum mechanics has developed from 19oo based on the quantization of energy.

Both of these classical problems that have led to the development of quantum mechanics from 1900 can be resolved by a purely classical mechanics on a four dimensional sphere of fixed radius.  Classical orbits of an electron around a proton in four dimensional sphere of fixed radius does not lead to any stability issues for the the system, and quantization of energy is automatic on a four dimensional sphere because it is compact.  Furthermore, the natural electromagnetism on a four dimensional sphere, which happens also to be a quaternionic projective line, is an SU(2) gauge theory.  The mathematical theory of SU(2) electromagnetism on the 4-sphere were developed by geometers in the 1970s.  The “four fundamental forces” of gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces, and electromagnetism can be ‘unified’ very simply on a four dimensional sphere of fixed radius where the so-called gravitational field equations are simple the Ricci curvature of an embedded three dimensional physical universe in the sphere and SU(2) electromagnetism on the Hopf fibration S^7->S^4 is the unique force governing the entire universe.  In this picture, the linear theory of quantum mechanics, I believe, can be shown to be an approximate theory for the tangent space to the physical universe at a point.

For the issue of stability of atoms and molecules, the problem is encapsulated in the example of a hydrogen atom.  The positively charged heavy proton with an electron in a classical orbit would lose electromagnetic energy in the U(1) electromagnetism in three dimensional flat space because the rotation of the electron would do work.  But this is not the case in four dimensions if the proton-electron system evolved in such a way that both were moving in four dimensions.  We know that all nuclei oscillate, and the nuclear magnetic resonance technology has developed to exploit this fact.  The oscillations of the nucleus can be used to explain classical motion of the electron with movement of the electron to keep the system stable.  This explains also the observed ‘probabilistic cloud’ of electron orbits in three dimensions.

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