In science the fundamental mythology, or at least one of them, is the famous clash of Galileo with the Church.  Scientists find in this clash the reason to be suspicious of Church’s theories of cosmology even when it is technically correct.  Paul Feyerabend and Thomas Kuhn have analyses from philosophy and there are myriad accounts of this famous clash.  Technically the Church had complex theories that were numerically good enough but ultimately Galilean theory was accepted and is a watershed moment in science.  The Big Bang’s pedigree intellectually is from Saint Augustine to Georges Lemaitre, that is to say Christian theology about creation, although it was later technically replacing a steady state cosmology.  Promoters of Big Bang have been accepting of the theory nonetheless on technical grounds with now the latest theories of inflation being justified by the explanation of the fluctuations of the cosmic background radiation which have a decent match to CMB measurements.  Yet, the origination from Christian theology itself should be considered suspicious for such a central theory in cosmology for the same reasons as the Church’s theories regarding the movements of heavenly bodies.  This is important today not because of any experimental match reasons but because gravity and gauge force unification efforts in string theory and loop quantum gravity might be lacking this vital ingredient because of the Big Bang theory, which has been my contention.



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Great theoretical physicists Steven Weinberg and Stephen Hawking are unfortunately egregiously wrong about Big Bang.  Here is a simple sketch of how to get something better, more reasonable, eternal universe without any beginning of time.  But before let us note that this is Christian theology parading as science fundamentally.  Saint Augustine speculated about this finite time concept and the Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre established it as cosmology.
First note that despite the 2011 Nobel Prize for quasicrystal discovery, a natural theory is that we have four (space) dimensional crystals with rotational symmetries of 5,8, 10,12 (good for 4 not for 5 dimensions).  So a natural model is a hypersurface of a 4-dimensional space.
Next, note that the redshift-distance slope is explained quantitatively by a simple model of 4-sphere universe scaled just with radius 1/h with h the Planck constant.  I’ve done this match sloppily but with good error of 1.8% for predicting redshift slope purely geometrically.
This is sufficient to seriously question the singularity model of Big Bang and consider an eternal model.  Details can be worked out when there is a will.

In fact this direction points to quantization in Nature as having a geometric explanation of scaled 4-sphere ambient ‘space’ where the physical universe is a 3-brane.
Zulf Ahmed

The entire established cosmology of Big Bang with a beginning of time, clothed in modern scientific language was essentially invented, according to Steven Weinberg, by Saint Augustine, and it was inserted into science by the Catholic priest Lemaitre.  This is a travesty for science, as I am certain that there was no beginning of time and the universe has existed for infinite time.  This is what the explanation of the redshift as geometric error allows us to investigate — the universe is a 3-brane moving continuously in a scaled 4-sphere ambient ‘all that exists’ which can explain the source of quantum phenomena geometrically.

A God who is benevolent or jealous or whatever does not necessarily automatically become the regulator of the laws of Nature. God is man-made. We created God to project our own ideas of the human soul and projected it onto Nature. We need God for one thing: to be the emperor for valid holder of powers that govern HUMAN SOCIETY and HUMAN MORALITY. We need God collectively to prevent a HUMAN DICTATOR of all things. It’s a useful concept for people to avoid having to subject themselves to the whims of HUMAN WILL. We are not slaves and we do not want to be slaves to human beings so we have created God.


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An Islam-West war was artificially concocted by Israel for a world order which now looks like no stable American Century.  I have said before that China will have her century if America is locked into Crusades.  The Jerusalem decision provokes questions of what strategy can produce another American century.  Things are not as clear as during the Cold War.  Details really don’t matter.  Islam is never going to be a military threat.  However, the current fracture in West is caused by inner anxieties of people.  Trump is trying to normalize and rationalize the state of affairs with bigotry but that will destroy America as well, and North Korea has shown that even insignificant little countries can require a great deal of care on military issues.

My MAJOR theme on West Asia is this: West Asia is the final nail on Western primacy if China industrializes and controls it. America cannot control the region INEXPENSIVELY by military force. This is America’s Achilles heel no matter how good the economy is now in the short term.

The following part of the Waste Land can be considered DYSTOPIAN PROPHESY with the Jerusalem decision:

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