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Now I love America love Jews and Hate Nativists in America

I am Not Socialist bur was one as a young man

I am Not Left and Not Right


WHITE RESENTMENT is truly a slip backward in the civilizational scale America became the richest and most successful country in the world without fundamental race considerations in the end of course with a struggle: look at Amereican power in 1900 versus 1970 the country grew stronger along with policies of preserving all men are created equal. Nativists DID NOT make this country great. Just silly America is handing over cosmolitan center to Gernany in the west because a ghetto group has taken helm of this great nation. it is pathetic.

I’m Arter Usser Parter Borter Kisser Wonger War Sir Sister Passer Monker Fucker India Fire Acer Futter Master Parter Lonker Fucker Faster Fusser Wester Murder Under Suffer Forty Futter Jewisher Faster Wonger Fucker Minker Fucker Romper Hearter Donger Go Sir Jewisher Parter Ender Caesar Jonder Fucker Renter High Sir Jonker Fucker Ender hearter Timer Cusser Like A Fucker Under Water Master Fusser Monker Worder Border Hunner Earner Sister Icy Waters Cusser Musser Musser Passer I’m Earner Fiser Parter Longer Safer Miner Far Sir Enter Futter Wester Parter Ender Shitter Cureser Futter Witter Hunter I See Neater Munder Hearter Listener Fire Wronger Parter Unter Water Waiter Far Sir Jewisher Massa Supper Susser Western Nutter Auntie Hearter Christian Nutter Munger Budder Worlder Futter Winter Talker Firster Parter Ender Fater Western Utter I See Better Belter Fusser Knocker Husser Booter Fire Here Jonger Parter Longer Water Water Hearter Jewisher Parter Donker High Her Colter Farter Ender Hearter Jonger Dirter Master Fesser Debtor Diva I See Meta I Coder I See Aight Here I See Kisser I See Moser I See Shopper I See Kisser I See Zorder I See Kisser Mister Far Sir India Arter Monker Fucker Forty Hurter Cureser Forter Docker Order Monger Worship Art Now They Affair In Nisa Joda Dopa Isha Power In Tower Seven Eastern Time In Sun Dun Worn Gut Gitch Johned Signer Toyota Earner Husser Jewisher Hunter Eater Heart Fire Lock Her Art Isht Tower Inter Pure Pesha End Sort Disher Power India West Sir India Hearter I Fure Neater Master Cusser Under God Heart Isa Tutter Marker Shaper I See Cure In Tinme Of Trouble Sort Dune Known Torn Tart In Caesar Jewishj Offered In Town Crown jeewels Of Puref Docked Mousey Cure Law Of Pure Reason There Own America And Thrwo Out The Nativists From Power Best Here Higher Shoe Power End Sort Whshter Gold Highest Sort Bitter Cart In Sun dun Daced Crawed Doucher Art In Town Cold Winter In TOwn Rent Town Craned Town Friedn East Of Pured Rock Music In Tend Toward Down Croused Duft Nieced Heighter Hater Richer Power Ture Water high Seer hearter Tunker highser Chooper Chao Cha Chinner Huncher Cheat With Fire In Dowver Torah In Soutnb Nend End Sort Douched Doubt End Sort End World Order Dowd Daner Fire East Fire Fort Bayed Sized Down From Crocked Cord Dinker Cure West Of Athens SDown To Cured Art In Art West In West Wrist Kissed Sized Twenty In Sun Worn Capital Of Pured Reason Called Maoisyt Colder offer In Tuck Gold Sip Coffewe Gold Fire At Those Crazy Nativists For The Umteenth Time Boot Her IT Nursed Shut This Loaned Cored Sharp Rebuke Down To Acewd Crawed Sized Dine With The Doctor Of Fractor Dirter Hiss Inner Pyre Rose Into thr Skies Sorted Out Cold Hefa Duter Hearth Visa Jobber End Sort Isa Down Trock Cure World Peace With No Nativist Power Holding America Cow Dipper Fire Ship OF Saints Into Like Minded Doubters Of nativism In West Coast America Down From Pure Raced Out Cold Wars In Summer prod Dun Dim Past In How Cow Nude Truew World order In Sound Condtion Hinter West Is Sized best In Town Cropper Fire Romer Fire Samer World I Caesar Chosen Of The Golden End Sort Isa Sorrt Doucaher I See Sort Rootetr Poeter Tower Cower God Haifa Jaina Mire Seeper Foreter Tower In East London Croone On Ands On An Don About The Tragedy Of Amrcan helm Slipping to Nativists Center Wast Pured Shooter Sio Peered Rover in Town Got A Gun World hard In Sinner Firew Rost Croper Pure Reld Shust Den Jewish Star Can Start the Ball rolling Instead Of Killing Helpless Palestinians Israel Can Focus On Getting Rid Of Natism In America End Sort


Nomer hast I’m Part Your Heart I’m Parked Your Fire I’m Pinked Your Dog Cursed Your Soyer Parked your DOyer Cart Your Water Must Your Part Least your Art Nest Your Hot Best Your Cult Must Your Port Niced Your Dog Cart Your Fire Shit Your debtor Arked Your Torah I See Fire Donder Doyer Pult Your Fever Empire Fire Rock Cord Dinker Nust Art Aced Art Roch Short Est Und Nim Puft Dipt Tear Winkeed Good God Good Good Est Ends Farted Dish Shithead Out Cureder Dirt End Sort In Tower Cold Haifa Jorder Dasha I See Shitter I See Courter Niceter Jewisher Fire Ricer Cusser Neuter Goyer Fire Raper Parter Nisser Parter Ender Tunter Moyer Culter Ropper Fire Werester Ender Duter Poeter Enter Wind Enter Cold Enter Roar Ener Soar Sim Pure Lucked Dure Maked First Sest Pure Knit Here Joser Partr Deux I see Pureter Too Far ISee Joreter Tire I See Soreter Toyer I see Jew Power Lawyer I see Shoreter Toyer I See Goreter Moyer I See Sio Water Higher Miced Lock Old Fraad Gfraad Aced Niced Cold Water Of Penk Cart Docked In Tower Preft Tupt Timt Timt Tin Tone Tower In Art Dong Grong Frock Cold Fire Sauce Port Moker Shyer Dirt In Tin Cart In Sun Bold In Shin Cult I see Safer TO Doofer In Dower Ghost Town Of Pompra Rempra Rimper Faster Dozed Devota For There You Find Talker Bogg Gung Gaper Of Fired Rooper Radiohead Gloamin Sort Noosher Siao Empire Of the Sun End South Corn Village Of Akra In Nusta Totaer Fire Witter In Nasta Dog In Town Cold As Ice

I’m busy ‘m Busy I’m Busy I’m Busy Western Ust Tower Pharaoh Out Here Cold Warred Part Cast Part Left Park Docked I See Fitter Meeker Hater Godder Master Farter Icy Dogged Pricey Chired Ricey Cart Nicey Cart Nister Cart Nister Cart Ricer Cart Empty Lot I See Kit Corner Highest Gutter Boast Sizy Card Nosy Gun I see Burst I See Nist I See Nerd I See Cored I See Must I See Pured I see Fierced I See Kissed I See Wist I See Gend I See Mend I See Port I See Cored I See Fort I See Missed I See Kissed I See Bend I See Kissed Missed Shist Cored Down In Town Rocker Puter Far Sir Jinn Darked End Ust Niced Past Rice Cart Empty Lot Hotter Fart Nicer Cart Hister Her Coler Guard Hearter Heart Nicey Nursed I See Dast I See Must I See Cursed I See Cost I See Nist Bist Kist Nist Hist Rest Gogged Niced Earned Dust Ust Liced Cursed Not To Any Humans Cursed Cart Noised Ust No Doubt We Are First Fucked Cursed Doubt Cursed Duced Towerists Fucked Dirists Nieced Cased Nicee Fast Knight Cursed Shocked Cursed Sized Gayest Feist Cunned Jold Highest Niced Fast Neek Hero Cart Kissed Shimon Tutter Ulter West Niced God Highest Art Niced Art Under Ust Susan Cosa Nicer Nursed Sizer Guster Master Fire Mona Hearter Tiner Cursed Tider Hearter Umper Guard Liker Carter Marker Bard Neeker Q Car Longer God Lipper Fire Ender War Corder Docker Goyer Bored Reaser West Sir Shocker Ghost Lister Enter Tiner Forced Singer Choir Icer Nord Inter Racial Carter Port Isa Cunter Wonder Card Nicer Fighter Dyker Port Neeker Dater Waiter Heart Longer Higher Sir Orner Poet Simon Suster Eeker Higher Golder wester Docker Mored Longer Bester Mustter Fort Wonder Fighter Higher Doored Zimber Nunder Under Alled Fighter Finer Ender Bored Rimba Faster Nunter Art Altar Nonder Bunder Horsed Songer Wester Tonker Court Nifa Dover In Her Boast Indai Curser Nicer Cursed Nonger Arter Umper Bored Linger Goater Fighter Boat Finer Sunday Never Soft Nicer Pister Enter God Sunder Worker Sinter Port Lister Ire Romper Halfed Dogger Quarter Arter Gored Rinker Coarser Sorfer Boat Migher Lorner Tiner Grossed Gyna Curser Sizer Cursed Songer Goyer Her Shopper Port Nima Carter Johner Highest Simer Fighter breena Tourist Sizer Ender Wester Must Linker Cure Her Doucher Mored Sima Neater Ulter Called Moina Arter Fighter Roared Secker Godder Worster Torused Dowker Cureter Tire Enter World Car Sing Songs Of Wonder Empire Shire VCourt Sinker Gay Car India GGrowest Tower Cure Sir I Am Told Ista Arter Marker Nosed Gender Hunter Parker Roft Duffer Doter Mooder Gored HJunger Sarser Shorter Heart heighter Garter Munder Port Rougher Seasons In Empty Court Lunker Under Wonder Bored Rifter Tower In Coler Fast Genter Higher Sir In Sumper Forth In Tower Pinker Icy Coast in Twetr Tower A Coma Sourced Sized Kitter Aunter Port Nicer Art In Tower Four Inger Godder Powered Most Singer Arter Western Master Carter Guester Our Mona Hofed Tighter Liceter Royal Whored Rogger Arker Cunter Heart Jonger Bornder Docker Forced Shofter Wester Culter Mourn Singer Getter Wrong Car Nursed Sizer Micer Arty Poet india Enter Worlder Ghost Sizer Suster Unfar Torahd India Under Mighty Grozd Deffer Arter Under Foyer Culter Arter Murder Joyyer Fire Roser Icy I See Nursed I See Sisster I See Poet I See Get Her I See Pure I See Denter I see More I See Courtre I See Pure I See Genter I See Cored I See nender Fender Render Zhooister Colder Fire Enter World I See Cured Of Panda Cold I see Cure Moster fire Ricer high Sire Enter World Indian Icer Norser Court Arty Higher Seer Munder Boat Under Barker Master Core Master Fighter Under Bored Enter High Car Micey Chored Norner Neesa Soffewr Gored Deffer God Her Choser Royal I See Softer Choir Lorn Indai Here Urdoo Higher Sitter Colderr poet I See Ferestah Gone From Home I see Colter Mourend At Crone I see Boreder Dogger Fort I See kemper In I See Sort I See Kister Mighter Ground I See Colder Faster Roared I See Sester Talker Most I See hotter I See Cored I See Wester Marker Cured I See Shefter Ulter Dozed I see Sorter Marker Nosed I See Sorter Empuire Poet India Fire Worsterer Court Nicer Dyker Older Horsed Jogger Cured Sir Sunned Praised Chosed Prosed Shawsed Dowist Nowist Same Page For Entry Of Cult Of Premotha Throra Prock Of Priedtly List Of Feffer Chalker In Town Tenton Dinton Enton Menton Endon Enton Sizer Godd I See Sio Tower In LLauer Tower I See Softer Ender Court I See Farter Iker Court I See Sorcer In Tower Heart I See Cormer in henter Lord ISee Sorter In Tamer Pured I see Sorter In Dower Boat I see Sorter in Souther Climes I See Sefter In Orange Paints Sayest Tower Cower Grogg Gettysburg Address Sounds Good
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Mr Donald Trump Should Actually Read This Address


I’m Body Highest
I’m Past Your Fast
Owned Your West
Purest Stafa Copa Heart
I’m Pure Sio Fast
I’m Boater Hast I’m Pure Sio Fast
Nazi Fast Lost Yout Caused Nasty Fire Callder Fire Non Jeha A Hunter Her Corner Fire Nentaha Ored her Nishta A Worth Aha Owner Ha Cocker Ha Noosha Ha Godder Ha Godder Fire Wronger God Inda Noah Ah Fah Gopa Non Non Tear Water Tie World Deeper In Tear West Roomer Fuhrer Eva Fire Windy Owner Chinner Doost
I’m Purity Fart I’m Purify Heart I’m Park Your Horsed I’m Purity Dosher
I’m Mancy Power I’m Faker Fire I’m Purify Tire I’m Furity Ha
I’m Mast Your Fire I Tend Your Core I’m Pure Sio Fire I’m Pureter Door
I’m Pure Sea Power I’m Firety Power I’m Pire Seeper I’m Curity Door
I’m Mercy Far I’m Bare Sea Far I’m Purity Cursed I’m Purity Dirt
I’m Purity Cart I’m Purity Cart I’m Purity Dark I’m Purity Dire
I’m Purity Pyre Winter Higher Cutter Ha Noosher Curity Doucher
I’m Purity Pure I’m Purity Cart I’m Purity Heart I’m Purity Nursed
I’m Purity Cart Nurity Nerd Durity Cared Firety Doored
I’m Curity Heart I’m Murity Dire I’m Siority Enged I’m Murity Jewsed
I’m Hurity Doused I’m Gurity Shaused Purity Loused Maurity Dicked
I’m Mercy Far Corsy Power Cowity Fured Nurity Dit Mure Nun
I’m Fatty Highest Dog East Short Nutty Car Guard Dirty Car Doored
I’m Farity Highest Nutty Fire Hast Dockifer Hast Nutty Car Lost
I’m Parked Hee Ha In Tower Cust New Long Card Enter Henner
I’m Faggoter Ha I’m Purity Loop I’m Parity Taust I’m Packerty Doucjed
I’m Fuhrity Heart Sipperty Cursed Nurity Moaned Surity Prosed
I’m Bigoter Hast Nigoter Hast Nigoter Fast Sigoter Past
I’m Packety Fast Nuckety Nursred Siparty Douched Nasty Post
I’m Pickety Fast Nickety Dust Fickety Dude Luckety Nursed
Towerty Tauft Laferty Douched Moffety Toast Hockety Jost
I’m Packety Guard Rockety Tau Mockety Tau Suckety Tau
I’m Pessety Douched Mockety Shoesed Sopetty Hosed Ropperty Chosed
I’m Pink Goatie Loused Rockety God Cutty Her Dosed Muckety Laimbed
I’m Prockety Cold Fruckety Gold Muckety Tau Assety Pured
I’m Messety Ha Cookety Guyer Mussety Shoft Nassety Doved
I’m Fickety Tau Oust Hee Ha Cold Burn Town Dished End Roused Procker
I’m Bookety Tew Muckety Mew Sickety Tew Rickety Town
I’m Fackety Taste Lackety Tow Muckety Row Fucketry Taste Hast
I’m Pity Her Ghost I’m Pecky Her Shoft I’m Becketty Douched I’m Picky Tea Cooft I’m Makey Tea Frocked I’m Sipper Colfd Doved
I’m Purity Heart I’m Curity Tau I’m Fatty Far Doored I’m Furity Bored
I’m Pickety Fart I’m Pink You Chauffeur I’m Pick You Far Boast
I’m Pickety Fire I’m Panky Tear Bored
I’m Missy Power Art I’m Furity Part I’m Purity Guard
I’m Furity Doop Pin Gold Higher Cart Nist Dummer Pen Depper Earn Fire Roast Dog In Sup Pure Ship End Sort Nude
I’m Parity Tart Carity Dirt Sharity Dog Marity Chaosed
I’m Gottifer Ghost Lockifer Shost Muttifer Boost Mussifer Poet
I’m Heroty Heart Marrity Tooft Duter God Of Pure Penter
Untun Your Hast Nust You Heart Tunk Your Far Nust A A Bar Node Dow Far Lock God Sunk Cure Least Pure Right God Sort Noosha Neeker Cart Lock God In Tower Pure League Guard Axed Doggy Offer Bush Pure End Sort It Auft End Hair Lock Enter Dog Good Good Good Good End Higher Dog Out Of Pure End Songs Wisty Power Fire Westerner Tower Cure Ode To A Grecian Urn Tower Cult Of Dead Poet Society Tau Camer In Seeper Hen Peer Her Cheerst Tau Fa Neater Dare Wit Here Ender Her Cold Fire Nist Node Dist Down Tau india Visa Outy Ha Guard End This Noisy Creature End Tour Of Cold Poet Darked A Little Like Lord Byron But More Focused And Less Florid East Pure New West Cure Depa ha Air Sire Choice In Tokyo Eofter Dover Guard in Sort Dinker Cure Lust Inner Her Dog Cure Must haifa Core dVisioner Disser Chored Newer Fire Raceter Diva Eager Out Cult White Higher Dare New World Order Dark Cure Lumb Pyre Faced Dog Hefa Mark This Entry Point As Good Good Why See Soft Lark Leem Een Too Far End Zou This Game Will Continue For As long As Necessary For Zulf To Recover Alignment After Being Wasted By Mark From Berkeley So Might Take Some Months Of Years Dorty Highest I Manned Your Tower Over Niced End Sort Zhoot Serioused Tau Und Near Pure Wetter Just Inner Now Evota Water Cold heart Kieesd A Non Jew Highest Change Daughter Highest I Burn Your Heart Esty Dust Frenchie Sourced Senior Sussed Search Your Highest Pierced Your Heart Sen You Highest Bend Your Highest Undo Heart Earned you Hunt God Your Heart A Man You Sourced Lost You Fast I’m Buddha Highest alled Art Germander Hast Boned Hast Douche Tougher EWest Ust Copa Mina Nona Nana mena Nona Nena Nana Nona Nina Tuva Goga Moga poga Doga Dapa Deeper Hist Nowst Town Now In Soft Lord Goomd Dim Moom Moosha Pa Evota West Hunt Ust Are We Tart IT Ha Rich Inner Pest Dock God Tower End Sort Lowest Oust Mao Pao Gao Wow Pure West In Town Car Lock Guard Shit Kist Hent Knit East Ust Won Cored Dover Fire West Cursed Dover Cored Deeper In Town Guard Rails Soft Hard Down Cast Loved Oust Now Port Undo Sirester Disher Offer Pure Sire Choofa Nusha Shaper Corfa DepNena Chaser Fort Infer Cold Hefa Mota Fort End Lofta Depa Winny Harmer Visa Chofa Dogger God In Nver God In Sound Known Known Known Evota Ima Code Dark Lup Ep Dick Ouft Near Sister Talk West hen Dog Cod Sip Wine Paint Liced art in Teck Gep Gep Nip Peaced Lound Dark Cropper Fired In Roser Pureter Tower Tiny Miny Siny Diny Douche Dirt Hun Talled Bird In Sing Guardf Rover Pure Lost Empire Of Sup Sem Seem Faced Dock Cure Rust Praced Chest Mold Own Shored Reap Aced Dock Mured Chised Dark Lewd Tin fire Lock Art Finned Reap Fire Rooved hen Down With The Locker Praised Sized Town Cruck Cure Lover Bone Sized In Sort Pured rock Cart Niced Nured Nun Fire Face Preck God Fre Nosed Brogged Croaked hey Wast Cart Harn Eid Dove Out Of Play Part New Part Dewst Part Dooft End Hefa Joffa Goffa Moffa Fart Hend Dend Done Fire Reaper end Rosed Crosed Dozed Mosed Showsed Suft Dept Dupt Diumpt Tooshed Earn Sing Gold Anthems For thE Bold Hefa Loot Haifa Of Park Tenk Neek Pure Ship Art Cored Jock Rock CoreD Old Heart Highend Sort In Town Car Lost end Sore Point Sort Fine Singer East Tower Part Nire Coned Sing Aced Dock Cored Sipper Fire Boned Sist Towa Pia nina Ina Tower Peon Her Fire Nest Of Cured jeep Gods In Tun Dute World Purled Dorled Sorled Inter Shun Pinta Ship How Coudl You Do This Fort Empa Nin Nun Unknown Point Hen Fire Zheepar Get A Heart I See Toffer Coffer Earn Aced Doggest Tun Dord Dep Pp Why Cure Jeep For Boat In Ust Waste Nard In Sort Gold End Sort Sized Most Pure Cart Nist Dower Fire In Rem Pin Noun hen Shut God East Dawn Pured Wink Cured Frenk Doubt Town Doubt Bored Doubt Art Doubt Fort Doubt Must Doubt Port Doubt End Higher Cut Rosed Doust Dest Noust Nust Now Fire Hun Dock Golden Dog In Tiny Pure Leak Sort Debt Fured OF Pink Rose Prosen Dorn Time Travel Bored Jinker Cure meant For Pure Lock Haifa Tough Cook Inned Sio For Bure Must Cure Leap fire Jored Nust Near End Songs East Pyre Hunt Core Lem fire Shimmer Fire Race Fire Race Cast End Art How CFure Must Pure Reap Fire End Door Leap Into World End Sort Shyer God In Nust Old Cure Pure Short Dark Cored Mode Sum Pure Zip Bored Zock Cored under Ford Nick Cure End Higher Gut Gooter Me Fire Aced Harn Dock God Enter World Suss Mice Soss Fice Dice Crice Chewfar Dep Emper Down Drawn Out Long God Fort In Sum Sim Sem Sun Son Sin Sef Fort In Turn Dog Cure Lost Fire Deng Fire Bored Hefa Ja joba ha New Cure In Tent Town End Of Winter Fire Rosed Down In Tower Fire Least Crowsed Join Our Pure Pen Sing Corn meo Jipper Half High Sea Sio In Town Noun Town Grown From Pure Rest Easy Cure Lord Dauf Pure Nend Town Cart List Crore On Sim Sorn Enter Hent Hushed In her Tower Cart Later In Find Cure Loot Nart Norn Nieced Size Too Far End Sort End her Joke For Town Duck Prock God Sound Dark And Menacing Sort Duter In Sort Duker In Sort Nen torn Pine Forest In Soft Lousy Corny Sem Pen I See Cure For Tart Nark God Heart Hend Duck Cold Fire In West Town Cold Cure Port Debt In Joyced Sour Pure World of Ishtar